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Case 13/ 2017: Mysterious murder case of Kanungo/Revenue Inspector Ramkripal Chowbey (Episode 770, 771 on 24th, 25th Feb, 2017)
Saheem Khan: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Case 12/2017: Psycho killer of Alwar kills his wife and cuts into pieces (Episode 769 - Case 12 / 2017 -17th Feb, 2017)
Case 11/2017: Three persons of a family killed pushing cab into canal (Episode 766, 767, 768 on 10th, 11th, 12th February, 2017)
Case 10/2017: Salon owner Vivek Arora kidnapped for a ransom of 3 crore rupees (Episode 764, 765 on 5th, 6th February 2017)
Case 9/2017: Sridhar Ranga's accidental death turns to murder case (Episode 763 on 4th February, 2017)
Asambhav: Online shopping records help police unfolding a murder case (Episode 689 on 29th July, 2016)
Case 8/2017: Senior citizen Manohar Chaudhary kidnapped and shot dead with grandson Rahul (Episode 761, 762 on 27th, 28th January, 2017)
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