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India's Burning Cases: Priyadarshini Mattoo murder case (Dial 100 Episode 701 on 29th, 30th Jan, 2018)
Case 79/2017: PWD Employee Mahima Mistry's mysterious murder (Episode 882 on 30th Dec, 2017)
Case 4/2018: Inspired by Hollywood flick "Face/Off", wife plans to eliminate husband (Episode 888, 889 on 20th, 21st Jan, 2018)
Case 3/2018: Social Media Honeytrap behind Viky's kidnapping (Episode 887 on 14 Jan 2018)
Muskan Bamne: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Case 1/2018: Jilted palval woman Aarti planned to kill boyfriend with a country-made bomb (Ep 884-885 on 6-7 Jan, 2018 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)
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