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Case 7/2018: 19 year old employed girl Rakhi Bhamaria goes missing while returning from the shop (Episode 894, 895 on 10th, 11th Feb, 2018)

A father is looking for his missing daughter who did not return after she left for her shop a day before. He also asks the shop owner who tell him that Mamta Khandekar left the shop near 6pm with her two other colleagues.
After searching for her sometimes, he finds her dead near a nullah. A number of injuries can be seen on her body.

After reporting to the police, they also find her cycle 200 meters away from the crime spot. The postmortem reveals that the victim was brutally gang-raped before she was murdered and at least two people have raped her.

Police’s prime suspect is Mamta's father who did not search for her daughter during the night and came home and slept. Their other suspect was shop owner because Mamta went missing from his shop but after Mamta’s colleagues confirm that let left the shop together in the evening near 6pm, the police are now looking for other possibilities.

3 months pass but police are not able to find any clue.

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Part 2:

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Part 1:
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  1. ये स्टोरी छत्तीसगढ़ के बिलासपुर जिले अंतर्गत मस्तूरी ब्लॉक के देवगांव गैंग रेप व मर्डर केस का है।

  2. your given youtube links are not working. the episodes are now available here part 1 and part 2