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Crime Patrol | India's Burning Cases: Tehelka Founder "Tarun Tejpal "held in s*xu*l harassment case filed by his colleague (Dial 100 Episode 707 on 6 Feb, 2018)

A Shameful Act
The story is based on a Nov 2013 scandal when India's well-known journalist Tarun Tejpal was found accused in a case of s*xu*l harassment. The entire incident came into light when few emails on the same issue between the victim, Tejpal and Tehelka's then managing editor Shoma Chaudhary got leaked into media. Police involvement started into the matter when they heard it from the media.
According to Tejpal's junior journalist she was sexually harassed by him twice during Tehelka's annual fest in Goa's Hyatt Hotel. The first time they both were drunk so she avoided it but next time again Tejpal.
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