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Crime Patrol | Case 29/2019: College student Nikita's mysterious Su!c!de turned murder (Ep 113/114 on 19/20 Dec, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

A shop owner Amit got a sudden call on his phone and the caller tells him that his sister is dead, go and get her dead body. He thinks someone throwing a joke on him because he does not have any sister!

On the other hand, a young girl Nikita goes missing after her college. Her parents raise her missing complaint and the next day police find her dead body hanging on a tree at outskirt area. For the police, it is looking like su!c!de and the same is revealed by the postmortem report as well. The girl was forcibly raped by someone before su!c!de. In further investigation, the police come to know that the girl was having an affair with a college senior Vineet Lokhande. They also come to know that Nikita's last call from her phone was to Amit who is his cousin's brother. When police questions Amit, he tells police that yes that day he got an anonymous call from someone who told him to collect his sister's dead body but he ignored that call.

Further investigation reveals that Amit was having a property dispute with Nikita's father and there is a court case that is running between both parties.

 Aeklavya Tomer, Amit Verma, Anuj Nayak, Arshad Khan, Chandan Rai, Khushi Khan, Kundan Roy, Raaj Gopal Iyer, Raquel Rebello, Ravi Singh, Suman Singh, Ujjwal Chopra, Yash Choudhary, nikita

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  1. Replies
    1. This episode based on engineering student Madhu from Raichur raped and murder..

    2. I don't think so. In that care the killer was Madhu's boyfriend only.

  2. Watch Chaah the brutal triple murder in real case the accused is a man named Ravi Sharma and the killing happen in Bhilai.. While in crime patrol the accused is a woman.. CP and the plot twist 😂