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Case 64/2017: TCS Software Engineer Ankit Chauhan murder case (Ep 856, 857 on 27, 28 Sep, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)

2017 का चौसठवाँ केस
Case 64/2017

(The Tattoo Killer, Ep. 856, 857)
25-year-old Ankit Chauhan was a software engineer at TCS and worked offshore on the TCS side at the Vaishali, Ghaziabad located income tax office. He was married 1 month ago. This incident took place on 14 April 2015 was when he was returning towards his home in Prateik Wisteria in Greater Noida. His Toyota Fortuner car had his friend Gagan and him at the time. This attack on Ankit took place in Noida Sector 76. Police said that some miscreants stopped their white color sedan car in front and immediately started firing on Ankit. After firing 3 bullets on Ankit, they fled from there. According to the people present on the incident, it can be a Honda Accord car. Gagan said that first a man shot from the sedan car and to escape this firing, Mohit lost control of his Fortuner car and the car hit a tree there.

Gagan did not know how to drive a car, due to which a person present there drove his car and Ankit was taken to Kailash Hospital where the doctors declared him dead on arrival. That afternoon Gagan was coming back to meet his wife Ameesha at his office, which was in Sector 135. His wife was also a software engineer at Accenture.
inside story
YouTube | Dailymotion

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Episode 287 on Dec 7 2020
(Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)
A woman's trauma

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Episode 282 on Nov 30 2020
(Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

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Shashwita Sharma: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Shashwita sharma is a Professional Actor in Theatre, Films & Television. Born into a rich tradition of music, she is trained in Hindustani Classical Music (vocal) and got trained under her Mother/Guru Dr Neelima Sharma.

It was Kathak Meastro Pt. Birju Maharaj who gave her Kathak training while she was graduating from Delhi University and now she is learning & performing Banaras gharana style from Guru Vaibhav Joshi ji.

Her film and television career includes few films like Hate Story 2,  Sanam Re, Nirdosh,  Shamitabh,  & a documentary for NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation). Her major breakthrough role was in the television daily soap Maryada - Lekin Kab Tak (Star Plus), for which she was nominated in Star Parivar Awards. She was acclaimed for portraying the negative lead Gaganpreet in Bani-Ishq Da Kalma on Colors Channel. Her stint as a dark skinned-complexioned woman, who talks about racial discrimination on Zee Tv’s show Doli armano Ki gathered immense response globally. Last year, she made an appearance on  Courtroom - Sachchai Hazir Ho, a TV series on Colors channel in the role of a Cyber Crime Expert.

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Last Autograph: Jiah Khan Suicide Case (Crime Patrol Dial 100 - Ep 718 21st February, 2018)

लास्ट ऑटोग्राफ़
Last Autograph

(The Burning Cases, Ep. 718)
जिया खान (असली नाम नफ़ीसा अली खान) का जन्म 20 फ़रवरी 1988 को हुआ था. मूल रूप से जिया एक ब्रिटिश-अमेरिकन मूल से थी और इनका 2007 में बॉलीवुड में निशब्द फ़िल्म से अमिताभ बच्चन के साथ डेब्यू किया था जो की उस समय की एक विवादित फ़िल्म रही थी. अपनी पहली ही फ़िल्म में जिया ने बहुत बोल्ड अभिनय किया था. इससे पहले 18 साल की जिया को महेश भट्ट की फ़िल्म तुमसा नहीं देखा के लिए चुना गया था मगर बाद में जिया को दिया मिर्ज़ा के साथ विस्थापित कर दिया गया और इसकी वजह बताई गई थी की रोल को देखते हुए जिया की उम्र काफ़ी कम थी.
इसके बाद इनको आमिर खान की गजनी में एक कॉलेज इंटर्न के रूप में देखा गया था. इन फ़िल्मों के अलावा जिया ने हाउसफुल सिरीज़ की पहली फ़िल्म में काम किया था.

जिया का पंखे से लटकता शव 3 जून 2013 को जुहू स्थित उसके फ़्लैट में पाया गया था और उस समय उसके घर में उसके अलावा कोई नहीं था. 3 जून को हुए इस हादसे के बाद 7 जून को जिया द्वारा लिखा गया एक 7 पेज का पत्र उसकी बहन को मिला था जिसमें उसने अपने डिप्रेशन के पीछे अभिनेता सूरज पंचोली का हाथ बताया था.

लेटर मिलने के बाद 10 जून को अभिनेता आदित्य पंचोली के बेटे सूरज पंचोली को गिरफ़्तार कर लिया गया था और फिर सूरज पंचोली को 2 जुलाई को बेल मिल पाई थी. इसके एक साल बाद 3 जुलाई 2014 को बोम्बे हाई कोर्ट ने जिया खान आत्महत्या केस CBI को दे दिया था.

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Taruna Rathod: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Taruna born on 8th Sep in Mumbai and is also based in Mumbai. She is unmarried and landed in to the TV industry in 2014. 

Marathi Movie Munna Bhai SSC was her first movie and her first TV serial was Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Sony TV). Apart from Crime Patrol she did few of the episodes in Color TV's crime show Courtroom and Dangal TV's Crime Alert also. 

She is a good dancer and has been a winner of Sony TV's Boogie Woogie and has been a Dance India Dance Contestant also.

Her another hidden talent is that she is a Commercial Pilot also.

Verified ✔️ by Taruna Rathod

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sisters go missing
Episode 261 on 30 Oct, 2020
(Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

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Aleeza Khan: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Born on 9th Aug 1987, Aleeza Khan is based in Mumbai. She did her schooling from Mount Marry Convent High School, Bandra Mumbai and further studies from NM College Mumbai.

This beautiful actress is yet unmarried and came into the TV industry in 2006. Asking what influenced her to come to the TV industry she laughs and says, "It was It was my dad who chose this field for me. Also, I am a good dancer and a performer. I did stage many times during my school days."

Aleeza's first TV show was Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyan (Zee TV) and her first movie was Chand Bujh Gaya. Her favourite roles from her TV serials are Gauri from Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyan, Angna from Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga and Amrita Dhanrajgir from Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara.

Currently she can be seen on SAB TV's Maddam Sir where she is playing role of Pinky.

Her favourite actors are SRK, Ranbir Kapoor, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Sandler, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johnson and Kareena Kapoor

Verified ✔️ by Aleeza Khan

Episodes roping in Aleeza Khan

TV serials she did apart from Crime Patrol are:
  • ghar ki pammi betiyann (zeetv)
  • jhilmil sitaaron la aangan hoga (sahara One)
  • pyar ka dard hai (starplus)
  • Ek Tha Raja Ek thi rani (zee tv)
  • savdhaan India (Life OK)
  • crime alert (Dangal TV)
  • laal ishq (&TV)
  • fear files (Zee TV)
  • CID (Sony TV)
  • AAHAT (Sony TV)
  • maddam sir (Sab TV - Currently doing)
  • Laut aao Trisha (Life OK)
  • satrangee sasural (Zee TV)
  • Qubool hai (Zee TV)
  • urmila (Doordarshan)
  • Detective karan (Doordarshan)
  • laal kothi (Doordarshan)
  • apne mere apne (Doordarshan)
  • kesar (Star Plus)
  • majooba ka ajooba (Hangama TV)
  • Rooh (Zee TV)
  • raat honeko hai (Sahara One)

    and many more
crime patrol hot actress aleeza khan profile

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Ghost Bar: Cops crack bar girl’s missing and murder case after waiter’s tip-off (Ep 198 on 4 Aug, 2020 Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

घोस्ट बार
Ghost Bar

(Director: Nadeem Ahmed
 Black Headlines - A row of tragedies, Ep. 198)

Similar story has been shown by Crime Patrol Satark in 2015. That story featured Ojaswi Oberoi in the lead role.
Here you go:
Chhutkara: Mumbai bar girl Rajni Maane identified after three months of murder (Episode 538, 539 on 31st July, 1st Aug, 2015)

गणेश केडेकर नाम के एक हवलदार का एक बार में आना-जाना है. एक दिन वहाँ होते हुए वो एक लड़की की गुमशुदगी के बारे में सुनता है. वो सुनता है की दीपिका नाम की एक बार डान्सर जो इस बार मे काम करती थी वो अचानक ग़ायब हो गई थी. गणेश को ये सुनकर अजीब लगता है और वो इस बारे में अपने सीन्यर को बताता है और उसके बाद ख़ुद ही मामले की तफ़तीश शुरू कर देता है.

इसी बीच शहर के बाहर एक निजी फ़ार्म हाउस की खुदाई के दौरान 4 नर-कंकाल मिलते हैं.

A police constable named Ganesh Kadekar (played by Swapnil Sunil Ajgaonkar) used to come to a bar. A day he hears from the boys gossiping about the missing of a bar girl Deepika (played by Poorti Arya). Deepika, who used to work there was suddenly disappeared few months back. Ganesh feels strange to hear this and he tells his seniors about this and after that he starts investigating himself.

Meanwhile, during the excavation of a private farm house outside the city, 4 male-skeletons are found.

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a devious father
Episode 239 on 30 Sep, 2020
(Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

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lovers murdered
Episode 217 on 31 Aug, 2020
(Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

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Vinaash: Woman raped in Corona Isolation Ward, dies. Gaya, Bihar (Ep 192 on 27 Jul, 2020 Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)


(Black Headlines, Ep. 192)
The incident was reported on 8 April this year when a 24-year-old woman who returned from Ludhiana, after the lock-down was molested and a few days after she died. Due to the nationwide lock-down, where the migration of the working class people from all over the country was going on, in the meantime, an incident came from Gaya district of Bihar.

Dharmendra Chaudhary and his wife returned to their home from Ludhiana on March 25. Dharmendra used to work as a bicycle painter in Ludhiana and due to the lock-down, when his business stopped, he faced shortage of money. In Ludhiana, his wife was 2 months pregnant, but had to undergo an abortion due to excessive bleeding. Still, due to non-stop bleeding and loss of livelihood, Dharmendra brought the her to Bihar on March 25 by an Ambulance and after reaching Gaya, she was admitted to the emergency ward of Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College and Hospital.

Dharmendra's mother said that the ambulance took 40 thousand rupees to bring them from Ludhiana. Dharmendra's family and in-laws together arranged this money. Dharmendra's wife was first shown in a government hospital in Sherghati, but when they saw no improvement in her health, she was taken to medical college from where on 1 April she was admitted to the isolation ward due to the possibility of Kovid infection during treatment and her travel history.

During that time she used to live alone in the ward and after taking advantage of this, a doctor raped her on 2 and 3 April.
inside story
YouTube | Dailymotion

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Abbas Ghaznavi: Crime Patrol Actors And Actresses

Abbas Ali Ghaznavi born on 4 Sep in Mumbai and belongs to Mumbai. He did all his schooling and graduation from Mumbai itself. He realized at a very early age that ee wanted to become an actor and Crime Patrol is he debut show through which he landed into the TV industry in 2009. In the show he has done several roles so far including negative roles also.

On asking which of his role or character he liked the most, he say that he truly loves all the characters he played as each of them has a different shade.

Few of his TV Shows are:
  • Moh moh ke dhage
  • Ghustakh dill
  • gathbandhan
  • karan and kabir
  • CID
  • savdhaan india
  • shapath
  • aahat
  • crime alert
  • gunah

Verified ✔️ by Abbas Ghaznavi

Episodes roping in Abbas Ghaznavi

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the missing organs
Episode 196 on 31 Jul, 2020
(Crime Patrol Satark Black Headlines)

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Dincy Vira: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Dincy Vira belongs to Mumbai and born on 10 Apr. She did her all studies in Mumbai and landed into the Television industry in 2006. She was an active participant since her childhood and used to participate in school's sports, dance and drama activities.

She is full of life, bubbly and happening girl who wanted to become famous so people will notice her. She got inspiration from one of her classmates who had been a part of Star Plus's show Ba Bahu Aur Baby. This guy was pretty famous all around and everyone in the school was crazy for him. When Dincy talked to him about the television and all, after an introduction he suggested her to create a portfolio and start visiting the various auditions. After some struggle, Dincy got her first advertisement of Whisper Choice. After this breakthrough, she got many other Ads like Calcium Sandoz, Bubbaloo Bubble Gum, Amul Body Warmer, Nilons Pickle and many more.

Verified ✔️ by Dincy Vira

Episodes roping in Dincy Vira
  • We Are Family (2010)
  • Tera Kya Hoga Johny (2008)
  • Admission Open (2010)
  • Kuchh Love Jaisa (2011)
  • Kandahar (2010, South Movie)

TV Serials:
  • Tulsi More Angna (DD National)
  • Dehleez (Star Plus, Now on Disney+Hosstar)
  • Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri (Channel V)
  • Yeh pyar na hoga Kam (Colors)
  • Naagin (Colors/Voot)
  • Suvreen Guggal (Channel V/Hotstar)
  • Jai shree Krishna (Colors/Voot)
  • Rawan (Zee TV)
  • Durga
  • Mamta (Zee TV)
  • Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah (Sony TV)
  • Cid
  • Adalat
  • Savdhan india
  • Crime petrol,
  • Aye zindagi (Zee)
  • Confession
  • Pyar tune Kya kiya (Zing)
  • Shapath (Zee TV) etc.

  • Nilons pickle
  • Wishper choice
  • Calcium Sandoz
  • Bubaalo bubble gum contract 3 adds Vodaphone
  • Airtel
  • Indomie noodles (Pakistan)
  • Siyarams
  • MTV ad
  • Nick channel ad
  • Indiatimes
  • Amul body warmer and few Print Shoots etc.

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Gazal Saini: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Most Well-known Starcasts
Born on 18 July 1995, Gazal Saini belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan. She did her schooling and further studies from Royal Children School and Rajasthan University.

She landed into the TV industry in 2012 and got her first breakthrough Ekta Kapoor's Jodha Akbar where she played the role of a daasi and Collector Saheb on Zee Madhura was her debut regional show. During Jodha Akbar, she spent around one and a half years in Mumbai.
Gazal is a self-made actress and during the start-up of her career, she neither has any connection nor she comes from a wealthy family but she got inspiration from one of her sister who is a Rajasthani film actress. Believing in herself, she finally got an important role in Crime Patrol Dial 100 episode Ghaat where she played the role of a girl who is about to get married but on the day of her marriage someone throws acid on her face.

Apart from TV, she has been a participant in Zee TV's Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj, 2014. TV serial Thumri's Samaira is her favorite role where she played a negative character for the first time. Apart from Crime Patrol, she has done a few episodes of Savdhaan India, CID, Crime Alert, Kunwara Hai Par Hamara Hai

Her favorite actors are Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit.

Verified ✔️ by Gazal Saini

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Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Starcast List 12

The list contains profiles of priya mishra, monika chowdhury, aman gupta, sonu singh rajput, swapnil sunil ajgaonkar and abbas ali ghaznavi

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Priya Mishra: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Most Well-known Starcast

Priya Mishra hails from Rewa, MP and she has been Miss Rewa also. She started her acting career with favour of her mother who stayed with her in Mumbai so Priya can establish her career into the industry.

Priya started her career with SAB TV's Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma and then did a few roles for a serial on Doordarshan also.

She has appeared in many of the episodes in the Crime Patrol and Dangal TV's Crime Alert.

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Swapnil Sunil Ajgaonkar: Crime Patrol Actor and Actresses

Most Well-known Starcasts
Swapnil Sunil Ajgaonkar born on 26th Oct and belongs to Mumbai and he did his schooling and further studies in Mumbai only. He is married to Pari Gala Ajgaonkar who is also an actress and she has done a few of episodes in the Crime Patrol.

He has been a theatre artist since 2003 and landed into the TV industry in 2010. Asking what provoked you to become an actor he says, "Just sheer passion for theatre and Acting".

Sab TV's Papad Pol was his first TV Serial and after this, he appeared in Crime Patrol, Chatriwali (Marathi), Zindgi Kahe Smile Please (Like OK) and Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma (Sab TV).

His first episode on Crime Patrol was Case 25/2017: Gold businessman Ganesh Kotian found hanging in a hotel's locked room (Episode 788, 789 on 8th, 9th Apr, 2017) where he played role of a Gold Broker Ganesh Kotian and this character is his most favorite character till now.

His Wife Parigala's most well-known and appreciated Crime Patrol episode was Moradabad based Case 13/2018.

His most favorite actors are Irrfan Khan and Tabu.

Verified ✔️ by Swapnil Sunil Ajgaonkar

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Preeti Mehra: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Most Well Known Star Casts
Preeti Mehra is born and brought up in Mumbai. She has spent a long time in TV industry. She learned acting from Kishor Namit Kapoor Acting Lab  - Batch 2000.

Apart from Crime Patrol she has appeared in few other TV serials and few movies:

She knows Hindi, English, Punjabi and Marathi languages.

She has been an actress in the Telugu Film Industry and made her Tollywood debut in the movie Dosth. Post marriage he took a break of 7 years then made a comeback in 2018 with Zee TV's Bitti Business Wali.

The first episode of Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 in July 2019 was his first in Crime Patrol.

Verified ✔️ by Preeti Mehra

TV Serials:
  1. Maharani Veerni in Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta - Colors TV, Now available on VOOT.
  2. Huma in Sanjeevni - Starplus
  3. Madhu as Mere Apne - Sahara TV
  4. Raaz - Sahara TV
  5. Dr. Shruti in Miit - Zee TV
  6. Avinash IPS - Star Plus
  7. CID - Sony TV
  8. CATs - Sony TV etc
  9. Bitti Business Wali - Zee TV
  10. Beyhadh 2 - Sony TV
  11. Crime Patrol - Sony TV
  12. Shreemadh bhagwat - Colors TV
  13. Aghori - Zee TV

Hindi movies:
  1. Hello Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hain
  2. Dhadkanein

Telegu movies:
  1. Dosth - Debut (South Muppelnaien Shiva)
  2. Rathri

Kannada movie:
  1. Giri

Tamil film:-
  1. Unnadan

  1. Kala Niketan Print Ad
  2. World Gold Council TVC
  3. Loan Junction TVC

Current Projects:
  1. 26/11 black tornado  - Webseries

Episodes roped-in Preeti Mehra

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Sonu Singh Rajput: Crime Patrol Casting Director

Sonu Singh Rajput hails from Patna, Bihar, and did MBA from Delhi. After his studies, he spent some time in the banking sector but after a few twists, he landed into the film and television industry.


 Sonu believes in hard work. He believes that those who work hard can get whatever they want. 2 years back when he entered the industry, he did the casting for several commercials. He has worked as the main casting director for Optimystix Entertainment and has been a part of Crime Patrol Satark.

Sonu got recognition after doing the casting for Colors Rishtey's show Hum Saaf Saaf Hain where he cast near 300 actors. Being a newcomer, Sonu prefers to give chance to the new people. Sonu also wants to get the same recognition as Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpai and Prakash Jha who are also self-made actors/director came from Bihar.

The first episode of Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 in July 2019 was his first in Crime Patrol as a casting director.


 Its more than 2 years in the industry and Sonu's journey is a benchmark for many newcomers in Bollywood and television industry.

Verified ✔️ by Sonu Singh Rajput

Assistant Casting Director:
  1. Shoonya Square Production
  2. Perfect Husband - &TV
  3. Ishq Subhan Allah - Zee TV
  4. Creative Eye Production
  5. Guddan Tumse Na Hoga - Zee TV
Casting  Director:
  1. Crime Stop - ABZY Cool Channel
  2. Pooja films & Entertainment - Vashu Bhagnani
  3. Khamoshi - Movie
  4. Savdhaan India - Star Bharat,
  5. Colosceum Media Pvt Ltd
  6. Hum Saaf Saaf Hain - Colors Rishtey
  7. Mere Dil Ki Life Line - Colors Rishtey
  8. Webseries:
    1. Love Ok Plss' - MXPlayer
    2. Teen Saheliya - Ultra
    3. Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 2 - AlT balaji
    4. The Judgement Day - Rapchee
    5. Soch Ek Full Stop - Rapchee
    6. A Short Films - Netflix
  9. Betva - Star Plus
  10. Rodies XI - MTV,
  11. Splitsvilla 12 - MTV
  12. Crime Alert  - Dangal
  13. Lal Ishq - &TV
  14. Dev Anand - 
  15. Pyaar Pahli Bar - Zing TV
  16. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - Zing T

 Digital Ads and TVC:
  1. Ashok Leylands
  2. Ayurveda Oil
  3. Bigbazar
  4. Cipla
  5. Cricbuzz
  6. Father' s Day Tata Moters
  7. Finolex Bulb
  8. Finolex Fan
  9. Finolex Switch
  10. Green lym plywood
  11. ICICI dital Films
  12. LIC india
  13. Maruti Ciaz
  14. Maruti TrueValue (with Raj Kumar Rao)
  15. Sharekhan stock Broking
  16. Vigo Apps 5
  17. Zee Music Album

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Priyanka Bhole: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Star Cast
The beautiful Priyanka Bhole can be seen frequently doing various roles in the Crime Patrol.

She is basically from Pune and came into the world of acting after completing her studies. She got lots of encouragement from her family and friend while entering into acting. She has worked in several TV serials like Crime Patrol, Parvarish, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Gumrah, Savdhan India, and Junoon. In Sony TV's Kehta Hai Dil...Jee Le Zara, she played the role of Prachi.

For Priyanka acting was just a co-incident for her and she never planned to become an actress. It was only her friends and family support that after completing her graduation she tried her luck into acting and got several roles to prove herself.

She has also appeared in the movie Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety where she played the role of Nusrat Barucha's cousin.

Apart from this one she had played lead roles in a Punjabi movies Rihaa and Chitthi directed by a crime patrol episode director Gaurav Rana. Akash Pratap Singh is her co-star in Chitthi and she got PTC Punjabi Digital Award for the best actress Viewer Choice also for this movie.She is looking forward to working more in the Punjabi Film Industry.

Verified ✔️ by Priyanka Bhole

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Bhawna Barthwal: Crime Patrol Actors & Actresses

Most Well Known Star Casts
Bhawana Barthwal belongs to Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand and her birthplace is Jammu.
She is in Mumbai for the last 6 years and her hometown is Roorkee.

She started her acting career at a very early age and it is almost 15 years she is in the industry. In Uttarakhand, she has done near 2000 live shows, 100 music videos, 3 films, and much more till early 9 years of her career, and then in 2014, she moved to Mumbai to give her another chance in the city of dreams.

She was a runner up in the Zee TV's reality show India's Best Cine Star Ki Khoj. Till she has done several TV Episodes and Serials in lead roles and she has also done many of the Hindi Music videos and short movies for various film festivals. Recently she has completed a comedy serial series where also she is playing a lead role.

Bhawana also has her won production house in which she wrote and produced a women-oriented short film for the International Film Festival. She prefers to showcase social issues in society with her acting as well as through social media.

Her current main focus is to promote and help to raise the regional language and culture of Uttarakhand Film and Television Industry.

Bhawna's Work Experience & Achievements:

Reality Shows
  1. India's Best Cinestar ki Khoj (Zee Tv) - Runner Up
  2. Zindagi Wins (Bindass TV)
TV Serials:
  1. Stories by Ravindra Nath Tagore (Epic)
  2. Savdhan India - Maharashtra Fights Back (&TV) - 1 hr Maha Episode
  3. Savdhan India (&TV) - Few Stories
  4. Crime Patrol (Sony TV) - Many Stories
  5. Crime Alert (Dangal TV) - 2 Stories
  6. Agent Raghav (&TV)
  7. Mann Me Hai Vishwas (Sony TV) - 2 Episodes
  8. Bagalwali Jaan Mareli (Zee Ganga TV) - Lead role Mohini
  9. DO SAU CRORE KI BOTTLE (Doordarshan National) - Lead Role
  1. Peter England
  2. DPMI Institute
  3. Print shoot (Catalogue shoot)
  4. Promo Shoot for Star Gold
  5. Promotion Video - Shakuntalam films & Television Institute 
  1. A Punjabi film - Main Lead
  2. 3 Regional/Uttarakhand Films
  3. 2 upcoming Hindi films
  4. South Movie - An Item Song
  1. 2 Documentaries (Drug awareness & Ancient Indian Love Stories)
  2. More than 100+ regional (Uttarakhand) Music Albums.
  3. Bollywood Old Love Song Mashup Opp. Aditya Narayan as a Lead actress. (Venus production)
  4. Worked with Rowdy Production

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