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EPISODES Nov 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 172 to 193


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during Nov 2022.
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193. Bhookh
Nov 2022
Sudeep, an ardent scholar with aspirations of pursuing a medical profession in the forthcoming years, finds himself ensnared in a somber web of torment, victimized by the relentless onslaught of bullying within the confines of his educational institution. Shall the guardians of law and order succeed in administering the elusive elixir of justice? On an ordinary day subsequent to the culmination of scholastic

192. Andhakar
Nov 2022
On an ordinary day subsequent to the culmination of scholastic activities, Aditi mysteriously evaporates into the ethereal realm, leaving behind a void at her designated bus stop. Her paternal progenitor, averse to attracting undue attention by involving the authorities, hesitates to embark upon a tumultuous quest for her whereabouts. However, her maternal figure, fueled by unyielding determination, eventually resolves to confront the precarious circumstances head-on. Where does the enigmatic Aditi find herself ensnared?

191. Haadsa
Nov 2022
Dev, a tender sapling of a lad, inadvertently stumbles upon a labyrinth of trouble while traversing the treacherous terrain of unscrupulous endeavors in pursuit of swift pecuniary gains. Following the culmination of their customary tutelage, he and his siblings Chanchal and Tara fall victim to an audacious act of abduction. Will the guardians of law and order succeed in orchestrating a timely rescue?

190. Farz
Nov 2022
Durva, unwavering in her resolve to champion the cause of a beleaguered victim of sexual assault, finds herself ensnared in a disheartening cycle of mounting losses as she valiantly confronts the influential perpetrators of the heinous act. How shall the culpable wrongdoers befittingly face the scales of justice?

189. Vaar
Nov 2022
Prabhat and Rajji, confronted with an array of formidable tribulations upon settling into their newly acquired abode, are soon confronted with an alarming development as their daughter succumbs to a series of nightmarish nocturnal episodes, characterized by an alarming surge of aggression. However, the tides of fate take a tumultuous turn when Rajji and her son fall victim to a ghastly act of homicidal treachery while in the embrace of slumber. Who bears the weight of culpability for this unfathomable atrocity?

188. Pratha
Nov 2022
Bhairon Singh, an affluent landlord who brazenly exploits archaic customs to assert dominion over innocent young maidens, compels Manjali's father to relinquish his cherished offspring due to his inability to discharge an escalating debt. Shall the wheels of justice turn relentlessly to mete out retribution upon Bhairon Singh for his abhorrent transgressions?

187. Tabahi-Nama
Nov 2022
Sabina, a diligent individual who secures gainful employment within the corridors of governmental bureaucracy whilst simultaneously nurturing her aspirations of representing her nation on the badminton court, finds her cherished dreams abruptly transmogrifying into a nightmarish reality as her lifeless remains are unearthed by the vigilant forces of law and order. Will her spirit be greeted with the justice it so ardently merits?

186. Vaastu-Dosh
Nov 2022
Sandhya, plagued by a disconcerting sense of unease subsequent to her relocation to an unfamiliar dwelling, resolves to appease her troubled soul by orchestrating an elaborate religious ceremony. Yet, little does she fathom the shocking revelation that awaits her, as the discovery of a lifeless cadaver clandestinely interred within the confines of their garden unravels a tapestry of enigmatic past events. What secrets shall be unveiled as the layers of history are meticulously peeled away?

185. Agni Pariksha
Nov 2022
Anu, a tender bud in the bloom of her fourth year of existence, returns home from the corridors of academia bearing the jarring marks of multiple injuries, her fragile constitution marred by the insidious taint of sickness. Concerned and distraught, her anguished mother seeks solace in the comforting embrace of a trusted confidante, who, in turn, deems it imperative to apprise the guardians of law and order of the harrowing revelation that Anu has fallen prey to the sinister clutches of r@pe. Shall the forces of justice triumph in their relentless pursuit of retribution against the perpetrators?

184. Jaal
Nov 2022
Tanya, a twelve-year-old prodigy, incessantly bemoans the conspicuous absence of her paternal figure from the familiar confines of their shared domicile. Alas, her world is irrevocably upended when the lifeless remains of her mother are discovered by the diligent enforcers of law and order. Shall the scales of justice tip in favor of Tanya, sating her yearning for redress?

183. Vishwasghaat
Nov 2022
Nandini, a diligent assistant sub-inspector, finds herself ensnared within the constricting confines of societal prejudice, her admirable attributes and familial lineage serving as impediments in her quest to secure a suitable matrimonial alliance. However, her noble pursuit of upholding the sanctity of law and order culminates in an untimely demise, shrouded in enigmatic circumstances. Will the guardians of justice unearth the elusive truth behind Nandini's tragic demise?

182. Khiladi
Nov 2022
Ashish, ensnared in a never-ending cycle of nocturnal revelry andalcohol-induced stupor, returns home in the wee hours of the night, only to subject his spouse to a ceaseless barrage of abuse. Exasperated by the unrelenting torment, his beleaguered wife seeks solace in the arms of an extramarital liaison, her heart yearning for a taste of long-lost happiness. However, fate deals a grim hand when Ashish meets a fiery demise, his life snuffed out in a macabre act of incendiary violence on a desolate thoroughfare. Shall the forces of justice prevail, exacting retribution for the heinous act committed against him?

181. Goonj
Nov 2022
A woman finds herself at the receiving end of four untimely nocturnal phone calls, each serving as a harbinger of doom, culminating in her brutal demise. Perplexed by the notion that mere telephonic utterances could orchestrate such a malevolent tragedy, the guardians of law and order find themselves entangled in a web of disbelief. Will they rise above their skepticism and unravel the perplexing enigma that shrouds this case?

180. Sahara
Nov 2022
Meenu, an erstwhile homemaker grappling with the lingering specters of a troubled past, finds herself ensnared in the labyrinthine corridors of her own subconscious, beset by a relentless onslaught of nightmarish visions. Her fragile existence takes a sinister twist when a cryptic missive, demanding monetary recompense in exchange for undisclosed incriminating evidence, finds its way into her possession. However, the shadows cast by this mysterious correspondence deepen as the vigilant forces of law and order discover her lifeless remains submerged within the depths of a desolate well. Shall the echoes of justice reverberate in honor of her unfulfilled quest for truth?

179. Pratighat
Nov 2022
The vigilant forces of law and order undertake a momentous raid, poised to unearth the clandestine caches of illicit narcotics. However, their efforts yield an unexpected bounty, far surpassing the boundaries of their initial intent. Shall the guardians of justice succeed in dismantling the pervasive network of criminality that lies concealed beneath this veil of deception?

178. Asmanjas
Nov 2022
Pragati, a master of the artistry of hair, unwittingly becomes the target of a malevolent nemesis hailing from the annals of her own past. As darkness descends, her pursuer, accompanied by a retinue of henchmen, ensnares her within the confines of a vehicle, leaving her to grapple with the specter of an impending demise along a desolate thoroughfare. Shall the forces of law and order emerge triumphant in their tireless pursuit of these nefarious miscreants?

177. Adla-Badli
Nov 2022
A small hamlet nestled within the heartland of Bihar finds itself beleaguered by a relentless drought, its inhabitants teetering on the precipice of survival. In the midst of this tumultuous ordeal, an enigmatic epistle of public dissent reverberates through the masses, plunging the community into a maelstrom of unrest. Will the authorities succeed in unmasking the elusive perpetrator responsible for sowing the seeds of discord?

176. Guthi
Nov 2022
Two enigmatic figures, shrouded in the anonymity granted by masks, infiltrate the fortified bastions of a financial institution, absconding with a staggering sum of nine crore rupees. As the trail grows cold and the local constabulary struggles to unearth any semblance of a lead, a specialized task force is summoned to assume control of the case. Shall their collective acumen and relentless pursuit yield the recovery of the purloined fortune?

175. Sarpdosh
Nov 2022
Kiran, coerced into a matrimonial union with a serpentine entity, harbors distressing suspicions regarding the violation of her sanctity on the eve of her nuptial rites. Simultaneously, Nusrat, discovered in an unconscious state at a bus stop, bears the harrowing marks of a despicable act of violation. How do these seemingly disparate narratives intertwine, and what insidious force connects them?

174. Chaalbaz
Nov 2022
Zoya, defiantly diverging from the path charted by her progenitors, sets her sights upon the lofty aspirations of an air hostess academy. However, her familial bonds shackle her to the chains of an arranged alliance, prompting her audacious decision to elope with her beloved Ashfaq. Alas, her stroke of luck is ephemeral, as her lifeless form is discovered by the vigilant forces of law and order. Shall the scales of justice tip in favor of Zoya, her anguished soul yearning for retribution?

173. Bharosa
Nov 2022
Sneha, buoyed by the joyous spirit of Diwali, embarks upon a sojourn to her ancestral abode, eager to share in the warmth of familial bonds. However, the night veers into a realm of despair as her dwelling is violated by nefarious intruders, and her life is abruptly snuffed out. Who bears the onus of responsibility for this heinous crime?

172. 50 Tukde
Nov 2022
Shabbir, assuming the facade of a revered Baba, callously forsakes his own humanity, venturing into the depths of moral depravity. In due course, the vigilant emissaries of law enforcement stumble upon the lifeless remains of Sarita and Nimki, their bodies cruelly severed from their mortal vessels. Shall the relentless pursuit of the police bear fruit as they strive to apprehend this elusive perpetrator, who continues to roam free, leaving a trail of unspeakable horrors in his wake?

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