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Crime Patrol | Case 11/2018: Allahabad University Scholar shot dead during election campaigns (Episode 902, 903 on 12, 11 March 2018)
Case 4/2017: Jharkhand's Adivasi minor girl servant found locked in almirah (Episode 575 on 13th January, 2017)
Crime Patrol | Bekhabar: Four kids Karan, Mukti, Nisha and Rani mysteriously goes missing (Episode 725 on 21 Oct 2016)
Apratyashit: Loader Subhash's hit and run case turned to well planned murder case (22 April, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Chakma: Mumbai police's honeytrap to solve three year old two blind murder cases (Episode 642 on 1 April 2016)
Hatasha: Rajasthan- Two children abducted and killed in the same manner (Episode 613, 615 on 30th, 31st January, 2016)
Ek Haseena thi, Ek Deewana tha: Teenager Karan commits suicide over mysterious love affair (Episode 512 on 29th May 2015)
Crime Patrol | The Victim: Cop's son Sunil cheats Aarti in love (Episode 401, 402 on 2, 3 Aug 2014)
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