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Murder of a Lawyer: Pallavi Purkayastha murder case/Delhi girl Mashima murdered in Mumbai (Episode 201 on 13th Jan 2013)
Asambhav: Online shopping records help police unfolding a murder case (Episode 689 on 29th July, 2016)
Pratikriya: Businessman Sujit Parihar shot with point blank in broad daylight in a crowded market (Episode 645, 646 on 8th, 9th April, 2016)
Adhura: Delhi man confess of killing wife and son (Episode 609 on 22nd January, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Mayajaal: Samajwadi Party politician Sudhir Yadav's wife Beena found hanging in kitchen. Su!c!de turned well planned murder (Episode 596/597 on 19/20 December, 2015)
Crime Patrol | Laalach: Elderly woman from Agrawal family killed, house robbed. Domestic help arrested (Episode 594, 595 on 14th, 15th Nov, 2015)
Crime Patrol | Accidental death or Murder: Abhishek Arora's Accidental death case re-opens (Episode 556, 557 on 12, 13 Sep 2015)
Chhutkara: Mumbai bar girl Rajni Maane identified after three months of murder (Episode 538, 539 on 31st July, 1st Aug, 2015)
Abducted: In one sided love, Arun abducts Meghna, Gandhi Nagar - Gujrat (Episode 263 on 28 June 2013)
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