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NETFLIX: Indian Predator - Murder in Courtroom [State v/s Geeta Jagtap and Other: Serial Rapist and murderer Akku Yadav mob lynchinged by a crowd of 200 women in 2004 (Courtroom Episode 3, 4 on 16, 17 Feb 2019)]
Mai Kalu Nahi: Man spend 10 years in jail for the murder committed by his brother (Ep 22 on 20 Apr, 2019)
Kohra: Man spent 18 months in jail for murder of his living wife (Episode 23 on 21 Apr 2019)
Dhundh: Hisar Honour killing case (Episode 20-21, Case 14 on 13th, 14th Apr, 2019)
Masoom: Murder of three days old infant (Episode 19, Case 13 on 7th April 2019)
Virasat: Father's legal battle with his sons for property (Episode 18 on 6 Apr, 2019)
Saazish: Girl implicates charges of rape and blackmailing on her husband and friend (Case 10 on 30, 31 March, 2019)
Rekha Arora Murder Case: Man killed pregnant wife to marry sister in law (Case 7, Episode 11 on 10 March, 2019)
Aarti Pal Murder Case: Obsessed man killed brother in laws wife (Episode 9 on 3 March, 2019)
State v/s Nikhel Bhosle: Court's Landmark verdict on Animesh Boxi v/s State of West bengal (Courtroom Episode 5, 6 on 22, 23 Feb, 2019)
State v/s Viky Chaudhary and Others: Politician's son shoots Innocent Ravi Goyal in a road rage (Courtroom Episode 1, 2 on 9, 10 Feb, 2019)
Woman: Namrata Das' decade long fight for justice against Harassment at workplace (Episode 237, 238, 239 on 26th, 27th, 28th Apr 2013)
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