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Crime Patrol: Juhu Double Murder Case Cracked: Two Nepalese Servants Arrested (Episode 43 on 23 September 2011)

Divya (real name Kavita Suchak and played by Pyumori Mehta is wife of Devang who is financial consultant in a US Based firm and most of the days Devang spends in US only. They has 2 children Shashank and Rinki. They has 3 full time domestic help at home named Jairam, Bhola Singh and Guru Singh. Jairam is their 15 year old reliable servent and on his recommendation Kavita hires Guru and Bhola also. They both are basically from Nepal. One day when their children tries to call Divya, she did not pick the call. Children comes to home and with the help of a neighbor they open the door and shocked to see Jairam is lying dead on the floor while Kavita is brutally murdered in the bathroom.
Online Episode on YouTube:
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Here is the inside story of the case:
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