Posted On: Saturday, March 31, 2012

City cardiologist Deepak Kaura's mysterious murder (Episode 97, 98)

Dera Bassi (Dec 22, 2011): Chandigarh
City cardiologist Doctor Sameer (Real name Deepak Kaura) found dead in his car. He was missing from 9-10 days.

Find here inside story of the case:

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Posted On: Monday, March 26, 2012

Kashyap, honest driver of Supretendent Engineer Anshuman Singh brutally killed (Episode 95, 96)

Kashyap (Real name Sarvjeet and played by Rajesh Barsewal) is a old, honest and reliable driver of Superintendent Engineer Anshuman Singh from lucknow.

Suddenly a day his dead body found in the servant quarter. He was brutally killed by his 3 friends who were from same village and were staying at his room from few day.
Unlock the mystery of this case.

Youtube (Bengali):

Here is the inside story of the case:

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Posted On: Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunita Makhija cheated after death of her husband's insurance claim of 12 lac (Episode 84, 11 Feb 2012)

Sunita Makhija (Real name Neha) is wife of Deepak makhija (Real name Harish) in mumbai. Karan is the only son of them. Deepak assures karan not to worry about money because karan want to become a doctor. But unfortunately deepak lost his life in accident takes place while he was working on his site. The family is in shock. Trouble again begins with them when bank denies sunita to pay 12 lac insurance amount. Bank tells then that sunita already has withdrew all her money.

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Posted On: Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well Planned Murder of Retired bank mananger Ramakrishna Pai (Episode 94 on 17th March 2012)

Ramakrishna Pai is a senior bank manager at National People’s bank who is soon going to retier. He residing at Ghatkopar Mumbai. He often misses his village and will soon shift to village after he retires.

His wife has gone to pune to meet her daughter Rohini. He is alone to takes daily meal at a hotel near to his residence. A night while he is alone at home, two guys attacks him. They slits his throat and steels Mrs. Pai’s jewellery and cash worth 25,000/-

YouTube (Bengali):

Here is the inside story of the case:

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Party Worker Mangesh Kadam found dead in his office (Episode 93)

Mahesh kadam is Chairman of Ration card 'Sangathan' and didn't had any bad records. Suddenly a day he found dead in his office. Police found 3 half filled glasses of wine in his office.

YouTube (Bengal):
Watch here is inside story of the case:

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Posted On: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IIT Aspirants kills a senior citizen to avenge insult and humiliation (Episode 101, 102 on 13, 14 March 2012)

Hemant Shastri (real name D K Joshi) is a senior citizen who lives alone in his house in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. His son and his family have shifted to Atlanta, USA. Before leaving, he asks his father to come with him but he disagrees and wants to stay alone in this house.

Till some time ago two boys also lived on rent in this house who were preparing for some competitive exams but due to some dispute they were evicted from the house and since then Hemant Shastri was living alone in the house.
Most of his time was spent in yoga, meditation and he used to talk to his son and granddaughter daily through internet. Everything was going normal but a morning after coming back from the morning walk, no one saw them again. His son calls him but his mobile switch is off and no land line phone is being received. His son calls his cousin brother and says that he should go home and find out. When his nephew enters the house looking for him, he finds that he has been brutally murdered. His son is called from America and he takes off from there for India.
Alok Kumar,Bhuvnesh Shetty,Nidhi Jha,Hetal Gada,rushad rana,

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Posted On: Friday, March 9, 2012

Zamidaar Thakur's son Raghuveer kills Village girl Rashmi (Episode 91, 92 on 9, 10 March 2012)

Thakur Mahendra Singh (played by Sanjeev Tyagi) and his son Raghuveer (played by Puneet Channa) are the ruler of the village Laalwada, Muradabad (Uttar Pradesh). All the villagers are afraid of them. Raghuveer loves to trouble villagers. Raghuveer tries to harass Rashmi, daughter of Kishan Lal but Rashmi escapes. Rashmi approaches Thakur but Thakur blames her as well as her father. She tries to file police complain against Raghuveer but police do not support her. Near after one month, Raghuveer kills her after having physical with her.
Police arrests Raghuveer. He tells police the place where she hides the sword by which he killed Rashmi.

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Posted On: Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Falak Case: A vulnerable child protection mechanism of India (Episode 89, 90 on 2nd-3rd March 2012)

Rani (Played by Nidhi Jha), a 13-14 years girl brings a 3 years baby girl with her to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). Baby condition is critical and doctors are shocked to see her burned and injured throughout her body.

Rani tries to escape after handling them to hospital staff but police and security guards capture her. Rani is saying that it is her own baby and after interrogating her she reveals that this baby girl was brought to her by a guy named Nadeem (real name Rajkumar played by Manish Raj).
Police is now looking for Nadeem. In the meantime doctors (Lead played by Shakti Singh) gives this baby girl name Baby Tara (Originally doctors gave her name Falak). Tara's condition is becoming critical day by day.

Where does Tara come from?
Who is Nadeem?
Who is Rani?
And where are mother and father of Tara?

Watch the video to know more about the case

Reveal full story here with this cruel reality of Human Trafficking in India. The link below has coverage in Hindi and English with NDTV coverage of the case in English and Hindi

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