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Guilt or Jilt: Pushpa’s dilemma after fixing marriage of paramour Ashok (Episode 422 on 28th Sep 2014)
What you see in the mirror: Beena's Blind faith on her second husband (Episode 421 on 26th Sep 2014)
Rishina Kandhari: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Subjugation: Harjeet's abduction and custodial death gets justice after 24 years (Episode 419, 420 on 20th, 21st Sep 2014)
Default Suspect: Mistakenly identified Raju tries to commit suicide after police tortue (Episode 409 on 19th September 2014)
Vultures: Innocent farmers gets trapped in a fraud loan scheme (Episode 416, 417 on 13th, 14th Sep 2014)
10 out of 100: 14 year old mausmi sets herself on fire as her parents couldn't afford pencils and copy (Episode 415 on Sep 13th 2014)
Twisted Intentions: Underprivileged Minor molested, attacked and abducted (Episode 410 on 29 Aug 2014)
Discontented: Murder of retired FIC manager and his grand daughter (Episode 412 on 5th August 2014)
In The Name Of Love: Shabnam, the first woman could get hanged since 1947 (Episode 413, 414 on 6th, 7th Sep 2014)
Banished: Boycotted kids forced to live in a graveyard near their parent's graves (Episode 411 on 31st Aug 2014)
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