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Sting Operation: (Bhanwri Devi) A tale of Blackmailing, Missing and then murder (Episode 498-500 on 24-26th Apr 2015)
Crime Patrol Completes its 750 episodes
Raaz: Double murder of engineering students couple (Episode 496, 497 on 18th, 19th Apr 2015)
Pyar dosti aur dagabazi: Did Chetan cheated on Venkat! (Episode 493, 494 on 11th, 12th Apr 2015)
Disesteem: Partially burnt voter id card helped police to identify deseased Harihar Kamath (Episode 192 on 10th Apr 2015)
Mattoid: Maharashtra's serial killer, a necrophiliac Subhash (Crime Patrol 490, 491 on 3rd, 5th Apr 2015)
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