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Crime Patrol | Crime Patrol: Bikhre Rishte - Case of missing man Akshya Kaale (Episode 507, 508 on 15, 16 May 2015)

बिखरे रिश्ते
Dispersed Relations
32 year old Akshaya Kale (real name Vaibhav Achrekar and played by Saheem Khan) is missing from last three months. His mother and elder brother is worrying about him. An evening when Akshaya does not return after his work, his brother Pankaj Kale, (played by Sudeep Sarangi) mother Gayatri and Pankaj's wife Savita files his police complaint in the police station. His phone records shows that he was in touch with someone from last few months and this number is also registered on his name. But the strange thing is that no one knows about this number, neither his family member, nor his helper at his mobile store. Police also finds that his both numbers were switched off at the same time and same place.
Police get one more number and this number belongs to a 34 year old housewife Rashmi Sawant (real name Jyotsana More and played by Trishna Mukherjee) who is a neighbor of Kale Family. On first sight police thinks that this might be a case of extra marital affair because Rashmi's husband Jayesh Sawant is an alcoholic man and fights with her daily. Rashmi clearly denies her connection with Akshaya and says that a year ago she was just a friend of Akshaya and both used to talk to each-other on phone.

Police gets one more number in Rashmi's call records and this number belongs to Rashmi's college time friend Sandeep Tambe. He tells police that he met with Rashmi in a marriage party after years of their college and after having some more interaction they started talking to eachother again.

Three months goes. Police has suspects but does not have any proof. Behind the scene, that time Akshaya went far from his shop and home to meet someone where a man carried him with him who told him that he is from Crime Branch.

In the mean time Pankaj's daughter Vidya finds another cellphone in his home's sofaset. This Phone was same that was in touch with Akshaya's phone and went switched off after Akshaya went missing.

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Here is the inside story of the case:
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