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Qaid: Nazneen, Rashmi and Hina trapped into Human Trafficking (Episode 523, 524 on 26th, 27th June 2015)

Story belongs to a human trafficking case of Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s Barkana village. Barkana is a small village consists near 450 families and its total population is around 2300. The strange thing of this village is that female population of the village is near 10% of the total population. Main impact of this unusual percentage is clearly shows the marital status of men belongs to the place. Being un-married, most of the men buys women to fulfill their desire. A human trafficking gang of just 9 people was active in this village. There job was to bring innocent girls (age 16+) from other places to the village and to sell them on a good price.
Tabassum (played by Malini Sen) is maternal aunt of Nazneen (played by Raquel Rebellowho lives with Nazneen and her mother. A Tabassum meets a woman named Shalini Thakur on the Kandivali Bus stop. She tells Tabassum that she has a good job offer for girls of age between 16 to 35. He tells Tabassum that the girl will work at a catering service company based on Ahmedabad and for this she will get 15,000 rupees. Besides salary she will get a place to stay and 5 leaves in a month. Tabassum feels that the job is good for her niece so she discusses this with Nazneen. Nazneen feels really happy after getting this job offer.

Nezneen’s tow neighbors comes to meet them when she get information that Nazneen is going to Ahmedabad. They tells them that a month ago their daughters Hina and Rashmi also went Gujarat for same kind of job offer and after they went, they lost all the contacts with them. Tabassum assures them that she is going with Nazneen to drop her to that company and will tell everything after coming back from there.

After few days Shalini Thakur again meets Tabassum and Nazneen and give them the train tickets. Shalini does not give her mobile number to any of them and assures them that they will not get any trouble while reaching Ahmedabad office.

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Tukde-Tukde: Blind case of female body parts (Episode 521, 522 on 19th June 2015)

एक आदमी को मुंबई की एक झील के तट पर कोई खून से सना पैकेट दिखाई देता है तो वो तुरंत पुलिस को सूचित करता है. पुलिस पहुच कर उस पैकेट को खोलती है तो पता चलता है की वो किसी मनुष्य की जांघे हैं. पुलिस स्तब्ध है की ये दुर्दांत काण्ड किसी ने क्यों किआ है. पुलिस आस पास के इलाके में इस शव के बाकी पार्ट ढूंढती है मगर उन्हें कुछ नहीं मिलता. वो लोग झील के आसपास के इलाके में भी पुलिस को सूचित करते है की इस तरह का और कोई संदिग्ध पैकेट या लाश का टुकड़ा मिले तो संपर्क किया जाए मगर कोई सुराग नहीं मिलता है.
इसके बाद पुलिस उनलोगों को एक लिस्ट तैयार करती है जो इसी एरिया में रहते हैं और गुमशुदा है. तफ्तीश करते करते पुलिस को पता चलता है की एक शादी शुदा महिला मीनाक्षी लोखंडे कैफ़ी दिन से गायब है और उसके पति ने उसके गुमशुदा होने की कोई सूचना पुलिस में नहीं दी है. उसके पति से मिलने पर पता चलता है की मीनाक्षी एक चरित्रहीन औरत थी जो किसी के साथ भाग गई होगी तभी उसने पुलिस में कुछ भी सूचित करने का नहीं सोचा. पुलिस की तफ्तीश में आखिरकार मीनाक्षी का हत्यारा हाथ आता है मगर ये भी पता चलता है की पुलिस को जो लाश का टुकड़ा मिला है वो मीनाक्षी का नहीं है. पुलिस इन जांघों की गुत्थी सुलझाते सुलझाते किसी और केस को सुलझा देती है और अब वो केस फिर से एक ब्लाइंड केस बन जाता है और पुलिस फिर से खाली हाथ है.
A man finds a blood-stained packet on the banks of a lake in Mumbai, he immediately informs the police. When the police reaches and opens the packet, it is revealed that they are the thighs of a human being. The police are shocked as to why someone has committed this dreadful crime. The try police find the remaining parts of this corpse in the surrounding area but they do not find anything. Those people in the vicinity of the lake also inform the police that if any other suspicious packet or piece of corpse is found, they will let them know but no clue is found.

After this, the police prepares a list of those who live in this area and are missing. While investigating, the police find that Meenakshi Lokhande, a married woman, has been missing from quite some time but her husband has not given any information about her disappearance to the police. On meeting her husband, it is revealed that Meenakshi was a characterless woman who must have eloped with someone, thats why he did not think to inform the police about her. Finally police finds the killer, but it is also revealed that the pieces of corpse found by the police are not Meenakshi's. The police settles the case of these 'parts' by solving another case and now that case again becomes a blind case and the police is again empty handed.
Victim: Jai Narayan Koli
Accused: Shafi Shaikh & Javed Shaikh

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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Apharan: Mysterious kidnapping of Vishal Surve (Episode 518, 519, 520 on 12th, 13th, 14th June 2015)

A youth Vishal Surve (played by Meghan Jadhav) leaves from home for a night walk but does not come back even after an hour. His mother starts worrying about him. Vishal’s father avoids the matter but soon after in the night he gets an SMS from Vishal’s mobile that he has been kidnapped. When he tries to call Vishal’s phone, Vishal’s phones are switched off.
Vishal’s parent informs matter to police and police start an initial investigation. After that Vishal’s father gets a call from a kidnapper who is using Vishal’s phone. He asks him for a ransom of 3 crores. He tells Vishal’s father that he is taking revenge from Vishal, how he gave pain to their children.
Narednra Bakolia,Meghan Jadhav,vishal surve,Rajendra Shisatkar,Gyanendra Tripathi,Anushka Singh,e3,sanjeev tyagi,

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Khauf: Foul murder of five members in Komal's family (Episode 516, 517 on 6th, 7th Jun 2015)


(Khauf, Ep. 516, 517 Crime Patrol Satark)

From the last seven years Komal and her mother Madhu are maids at Jaywant's. A day Jaywant and his wife find that a big amount of 6 lac is missing from their locker at home. Jaywant reports this to police and after few days of the burglary, Jaywant finds both Madhu and Komal have become untraceable, also their mobiles are not reachable. Jaywant is now more confident about this burglary and informs the police.

Police reach Komal's house and get stunned to see that Madhu and her entire family of five members are killed. They are also shocked to realize that only Komal is missing. Now for police Komal is either the main suspect or also a victim whom the murderer has taken away.

Online Episode on SonyLiv:
Part 1: <link broken>
Part 2:

Online Episode on YouTube:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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Gade Murde: A political murder case turns to revenge (Episode 515 on 5th June 2015)

गड़े मुर्दे
Revealing the truth

Mahesh Goyal is a star campaigner of Lok Jagran Party who was attacked by two person while he was driving his bike. One of the attackers stabs him and he dies in the hospital. His political party blames other party leaders Chandan and Kasturi for this attacks. Kasturi is the candidate for coming election.

Whole city starts burning in the rage of this murder and Mahesh's party files complains against Chandan. When police asks chandan, he denies that he does not relate with this murder because during political season he can not plan sich kind of wrong activity which will be bad for his party.

When police starts investigating Mahesh phone call details, they get number of a married woman Puja Jaiswal whom Mahesh talked with till four days before the murder. During questioning Puja tells police that she was not satisfied with his husband's behaviour and was having extramarital affair with Mahesh. She tells police she stopped Mahesh for four day because she was going out of her home in some family things.

When police activates their informers, they reveals a showking truth that Mahesh was a
foppish kind of person who used to teas married women who comes to his garment shop for their children's school dresses.



Here is the inside story of the case:
Tags: chandan, children school uniform, Gade Murde

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