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Crime Patrol | Gade Murde: A political murder case turns to revenge (Episode 515 on 5th June 2015)

गड़े मुर्दे
Old Wounds
Mahesh Goyal is a star campaigner of Lok Jagran Party who was attacked by two person while he was driving his bike. One of the attackers stabs him and he dies in the hospital. His political party blames other party leaders Chandan and Kasturi for this attacks. Kasturi is the candidate for coming election.

Whole city starts burning in the rage of this murder and Mahesh's party files complains against Chandan. When police asks chandan, he denies that he does not relate with this murder because during political season he can not plan sich kind of wrong activity which will be bad for his party.
When police starts investigating Mahesh phone call details, they get number of a married woman Puja Jaiswal whom Mahesh talked with till four days before the murder. During questioning Puja tells police that she was not satisfied with his husband's behaviour and was having extramarital affair with Mahesh. She tells police she stopped Mahesh for four day because she was going out of her home in some family things.

When police activates their informers, they reveals a showking truth that Mahesh was a foppish kind of person who used to teas married women who comes to his garment shop for their children's school dresses.

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Here is the inside story of the case

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