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Case 12/2018: Shootout at Varanasi market. Businessman Mohan Nigam died on spot (Episode 904, 905 on 17th, 18th March 2018)
India's Burning Cases: Priyadarshini Mattoo murder case (Dial 100 Episode 701 on 29th, 30th Jan, 2018)
Case 13/ 2017: Mysterious murder case of Kanungo/Revenue Inspector Ramkripal Chowbey (Episode 770, 771 on 24th, 25th Feb, 2017)
Case 6/2017: Two missing girls and a dead body (Episode 759 on 20th January, 2017)
Khafa: Karan Solanki killed by two unknown person (Episode 692 on 5th Aug, 2016)
Gade Murde: A political murder case turns to revenge (Episode 515 on 5th June 2015)
Purnai Dushmani: Double murder of Senior Citizen in Mumbai (Episode 504, 505 on 8th, 9th May 2015)
Mattoid: Maharashtra's serial killer, a necrophiliac Subhash (Crime Patrol 490, 491 on 3rd, 5th Apr 2015)
Banished: Boycotted kids forced to live in a graveyard near their parent's graves (Episode 411 on 31st Aug 2014)
Witchcraft: 4 killed on Diwali night in Mumbai (Ep 191/192 on 15/16 Dec 2012)
Son kills alcoholic, abusive father (Episode 154 on 14 Sep 2012)
Assassination Of Senior Citizen Sejal Parikh (Episode 52 on 22nd October 2011)
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