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Case 12/2018: Shootout at Varanasi market. Businessman Mohan Nigam died on spot (Episode 904, 905 on 17th, 18th March 2018)
India's Burning Cases: Priyadarshini Mattoo murder case (Dial 100 Episode 701 on 29th, 30th Jan, 2018)
Case 68/2017: Fake incometax raids Batuk Parmar's home (Ep 864, 865 on 21, 22 Oct, 2017)
Case 35/2017: Police solves Lokmanya Tilak Terminus' blind suitcase murder case (Episode 808, 809, 810 on 26, 27, 28 May, 2017)
Case 13/ 2017: Mysterious murder case of Kanungo/Revenue Inspector Ramkripal Chowbey (Episode 770, 771 on 24th, 25th Feb, 2017)
Case 6/2017: Two missing girls and a dead body (Episode 759 on 20th January, 2017)
Bediyan: Kanpur's mother Rubina and daughter Shazia killed (Episode 741 on 2 December, 2016)
Tadbir: Double Murder, Basheer and his wife Saira found murdered in their locked home (Episode 707 on 9th Sep, 2016)
Khafa: Karan Solanki killed by two unknown person (Episode 692 on 5th Aug, 2016)
Bhedbhav: Bright dalit student killed over having crush with girl from upper caste (Episode 665 on 3rd June, 2016)
Gade Murde: A political murder case turns to revenge (Episode 515 on 5th June 2015)
Purnai Dushmani: Double murder of Senior Citizen in Mumbai (Episode 504, 505 on 8th, 9th May 2015)
Mattoid: Maharashtra's serial killer, a necrophiliac Subhash (Crime Patrol 490, 491 on 3rd, 5th Apr 2015)
Banished: Boycotted kids forced to live in a graveyard near their parent's graves (Episode 411 on 31st Aug 2014)
A Hidden Agenda: Murder of a History Sheeter Vinod Chauhan (Episode 396, 397 on 19, 20 July 2014)
The Last Act: Heart-Wrenching story of a senior citizen Ramesh Parikh (Episode 338 on 8th Feb 2014)
Sauda: Story of missing property dealer and his business partner (Episode 260 on 21th June 2013)
The Garlic Trail  (Episode 251 on 26th May 2013)
Tabassum along with other women cheated by a con-man (Episode 241, 242 on 4th, 5th May 2013)
Crime Patrol: Witchcraft - 4 killed on Diwali night in Mumbai (Episode 191, 192 on 15, 16 Dec 2012)
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