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Case 16/2018: Begusarai Triple Murder, family found lying on the terrace (Episode 912, 913 on 21, 22 Apr, 2018)

The story starts with a triple murder. And then shown another previous murder where a man was killed by two assailants.

That was a triple murder of property dealer Manoj Gupta, his wife Sunaina Gupta and daughter Shipra Gupta who went to sleep on their house's terrace. In the morning when Sunaina did not come downstairs to make tea, Manoj's brother went to look at them on the terrace. Terrace's door was open and when he entered there he found his brother, sister in law and niece dead.
Police was called immediately. Primary investigation reveals that their house's terrace is easily reachable from out side the home and assailants must have entered from there. Further police finds that Manoj had two more partner in his business and his fourth business partner was shot dead a year before...Know More

28 जून 2016 को ये घटना बिहार के बेगूसराय में रिपोर्ट हुई थी। 28 जून की रात जब एक प्रॉपर्टी डीलर अमित कुमार पोद्दार, उसकी पत्नी प्रियंका कुमारी और चार साल का आर्यन कुमार छत पर सो रहे थे तो कुछ अज्ञात बदमाशों ने उनके ऊपर अटैक किया था जिसमे इन तीनो को ही मार दिया गया था। किसी तरह का कोई शोर-शराबा ना हो इसलिए इन्तीनो को तकिए से दम घोट कर और गला रेत कर मारा था। ये माना जा रहा था की हमलावर अमित को मारने आए थे मगर जब उनको लगा की उसकी पत्नी और बेटी हंगामा कर सकते हैं तो उन्होंने इन दोनो को भी मार दिया। उस रात इन पति-पत्नी की शादी की सालगिरह थी जिसको मनाने के बाद ये लोग अपने बच्चे को लेकर ऊपर सोने चले आए थे। उस समय घर के इन तीनो के अलावा अमित का छोटा भाई सुमित पोद्दार और माँ मकान में नीचे थे और इस पूरी वारदात की कोई भी आहट इन लोगों को नहीं लगी थी।

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पुलिस का शक पूरी तरह से अमित के व्यवसाय को लेकर था क्यूँकि वो एक प्रॉपर्टी डीलर था मगर पुलिस के पास फ़िलहाल इस बात को लेकर कोई पुख़्ता सबूत नहीं थे।अमित के पत्नी प्रियंका शहर के मोहम्मदपुर के इसी घर में सरस्वती कोचिंग इन्स्टिटूट नाम से कोचिंग सेंटर चलाती थी और वो अमित की दूसरी पत्नी थी। प्रारम्भिक इन्वेस्टिगेशन में पुलिस का मानना था की इस हत्या के पीछे कोई इनके परिवार का या फिर कोई क़रीबी व्यक्ति शामिल होगा क्यूँकि की जिस तरह से घटना को अंजाम दिया गया है, वो कोई जानने वाला ही कर सकता है। २८ जून को घटी ये घटना अगले दिन सुबह प्रकाश में आइ जब अमित का छोटा भाई सुमित इनलोगों के ढूँढता हुआ ऊपर छत पर आया। उसका कहना था की जब वो छत पर आया तो छत का दरवाज़ा खुला हुआ था जबकि आमतौर पर देखा जाए तो छत पर सोने वाला व्यक्ति दरवाज़े को अपनी तरफ़ से बंद कर के ही सोता है...Know More

Part 1: Bodies On The Roof 1
Part 2: Bodies On The Roof 2

YouTube (Available in few countries):
Part 2:

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Case 14/2018: Double Murder, Senior journalist KJ Singh murder case in Chandigarh (Episode 908, 909 on 7th, 8th Apr, 2018)

2018 का चौदवां केस
Case 14/2018
65 years old Senior wildlife photographer Jaidev Paranjape lives with his 90-year-old mother. A few years back he retired from his job and now doing freelancing from home. He is an unmarried man who cooks breakfast and dinner himself for his mother and him while his lunch comes from his elder sister's home which is nearby and it is their daily routine.
Everything is going well in his life but from the last few days, he is observing that someone is spying at him. He finds few guys are trying to trespass his home's boundary. He again observes something fishy in the park near his home.

The very next morning when his sister again comes to serve him lunch, she finds that he is not opening the door. She tries calling Jaidev on his phone but the phone is also not received. In the meanwhile his son enters into the main door which was not locked from inside. Entering into the home he finds bloodstains throughout the floor. Entering into Jaidev's bedroom they find him dead in a pool of blood while his mother is also strangulated to die in her bedroom.

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Gaurav Singh: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Most Well Known Star Casts
Episodes played by Gaurav Singh
"I was always fond of Movies that's why I joined theaters. During my childhood I used to do acts in skits and from there I decided that a day I will work in TV Serials. I still go for auditions.", said TV Actor Gaurav Singh Bhadauria who has played the role of Golu in Color's Devanshi. Gaurav hails from Gwalior where he does theaters and moved towards Mumbai seven years before. Devanshi is a serial that completely based on superstitions. Besides Devanshi he has worked in Sab TV's Krishna Kanhaiya, Chiriyaghar, Crime Patrol, Emotional Atyachar and Secret Diaries, etc. He gives full credit for his career to his mother and father and his willingness to work in Bollywood.

He believes that it is not easy to struggle in Mumbai and also learned that family support is most important during this tough period. He shares that he had given more that 100 auditions and finally started getting TV serials.

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Case 13/2018: Farmer Balraj (Laxman) beheaded in the dark night in his farm (Episode 906, 907 on 31st Mar, 01 Apr 2018)

2018 का तेरहवाँ केस
(नरमुण्ड का रहस्य, Ep 906, 907)
Case 13/2018
Also featured by Crime Patrol Dastak Season 2 as "KHOPDI"
Vijaylal Kushwaha is the father of three sons Balraj Kushwaha (real name Laxman Singh Saini & played by Raj Singh), Praveen Kushwaha (played by Sunil Saraswat) and Shivraj Kushwaha (real name Tinku and played by Puneet Kumar). A dark night when electricity has just come, father, Vijaylal asks his sons (real name Shivam) to go to the farm for watering. Balraj, Praveen and Praveen's son moves towards the farms with a torch in their hands. Reaching their farms they find another villager Dharam Purohit is already there in the farm whose hands and mouth are tied with rope. 2 masked men holding the sword in their hands captured him. Those men are quiet and not saying anything to anyone. They point their swords towards all three and ties down their hands and mouths too.
Now they bring all of them one by one behind a tree and bring them back. They again bring Balraj towards a tree that is nearly 100 meters away and then does not return. After sometime somehow Praveen opens his hands and then set all of them free. Completely scared and in shock all 4 runs towards the village and tells villagers about the entire incident. Now the entire village starts finding Balraj who was taken away by those goons. In the meantime, Balraj's youngest brother Shivraj comes back from Kanpur. He also gets scared of seeing a crowd outside his house. Now Dharam calls the police and tells them about the entire incident. Police also starts looking for Balraj and finds his headless torso somewhere in the farms.... watch the full story here:

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