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Case 21/2018: Madhya Pradesh girl abducted, raped and sold thrice (Episode 923/924 on 26 May 2018)
Case 20/2018: Rising DJ Tanveer Ansari found killed in his home (Episode 921, 922 on 19th, 20th May 2018)
Case 19/2018: Shopkeeper Dhananjay's suicide turned to be a grusome murder case (Episode 918, 919 on 12th, 13th May, 2018)
Case 18/2018: Farmer's son Sanjay shot dead in the midnight with a double-barrelled gun (Episode 917, 918 on 7th May, 2018)
Case 17/2018: Murder of Swati Jamdade, Sangli - Maharashtra Illegal Abortion Racket busted (Episode 914, 915 on 28th, 29th Apr, 2018)
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