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Case 45/2017: Dead body recovered from a septic tank after four months of murder (Episode 823 on 7th July, 2017)
Case 42/2017: Former politician's daughter in law Shot dead, son injured, CCTV DVR stolen (Episode 821, 822 on 24th, 25th June, 2017)
Angarey: Businessman Pawan Dahiya's charred skeleton found inside his burnt car (Episode 714, 715 on 24th, 25th Sep, 2016)
Dwand: Thrilling story of a politician's family ends with four murders (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 152, 153, 154 on 24th, 25th, 26th May, 2016)
Pratikriya: Businessman Sujit Parihar shot with point blank in broad daylight in a crowded market (Episode 645, 646 on 8th, 9th April, 2016)
Unclaimed Bodies: Wrongly claimed dead body for insurance claim (Episode 235, 236 on 19th , 20th Apr 2013)
Dowry: Man drives 4 states to dump wife's body (Ep 78 on 21 Jan, 2011)
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