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Crime Patrol | Pretense: Actress missing, social networking involved, love angle...yet no crime! (Episode 345, 346 on 7th, 8th March 2014)
Maksad: 50 Year old woman Pratibha Satkari Assulted, Murdered, House robbed (Episode 603, 604 on 8th January, 2016)
Brother's revenge from his Sister over Property (Episode 561 on 25th Sep, 2015)
Najayaz Rishte: Middle aged woman Kavita Shinde's dead body found (Episode 508, 509 on 16th, 17th May 2015)
Crime Patrol | Trouble Shooting: Attack on a teacher Girdhar Bisht (Episode 436, 437 on 22, 23 Nov 2014)
Compassion: Trafficked Minor girl Kajal rescued with help of Rupa (Episode 378 on 6th June 2014)
Crime Patrol: A Saga of Revenge | Contract killing of Aruna Sampath (Episode 315, 316 on Nov 22 & 23 2013)
Who Killed Shweta: Father held for murdering daughter (Episode 229 on 5th Arp 2013)
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