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Case 2/2019: Lajpat Nagar girl Pooja Paswan Murder case (Ep 68/69 on 16/17 Oct, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Mukammal: Gurgaon man Abhishek gives wife's supari for his ex-girlfriend Kajal (Episode 728 on 28th Oct, 2016)
Daasi: Prabhudasi/Devadasi tradition of outskirt areas of South India (Episode 610, 611 on 23rd, 24th Jan, 2016)
Dunk: Delhi girl Bhawna Yadav (Payal) honour killing case (Episode 612, 613 on 28, 29 November, 2015)
Room Number 16: Nidhi and Ankit's double murder turns Murder and Suicide case (Episode 549, 550 on 28th, 29th  Aug, 2015)
Apmaan: Myterious murder case took two years to solve (Episode 502, 503 on 2nd, 3rd May 2015)
Driving into danger: Couple Gaurav and Ruchika goes missing (Episode 470, 472 on 14th, 15th Feb 2015)
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