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Courtroom | Saazish - Girl implicates charges of rape and blackmailing on her husband and friend (Case 10 on 30, 31 March, 2019)
Case 20/2017: Gayatri and Daughter Padmini found lying dead in the house (24 March, 2017)
Case 11/2017: Three persons of a family killed pushing cab into canal (Episode 766, 767, 768 on 10th, 11th, 12th February, 2017)
Case 7/2017: Bhind Murder case. Widow Sangita murdered along with three kids (Episode 760 on 21st Feb, 2017)
Hatasha: Rajasthan- Two children abducted and killed in the same manner (Episode 613, 615 on 30th, 31st January, 2016)
Close to the Heart: Seven year old kid Vikky goes missing (Episode 435 on 21st November 2014)
Discontented: Murder of retired FIC manager and his grand daughter (Episode 412 on 5th August 2014)
The Nexus: Lucknow's Maaz murder case (Episode 286, 287, 288 on 23, 24, 25 Aug 2013)
Unclaimed Bodies: Wrongly claimed dead body for insurance claim (Episode 235, 236 on 19th , 20th Apr 2013)
Trafficking case of Bangalore (Episode 206 on 1st Feb 2013)
An Essey on my Family: Tejas exposed domestic violence of his home as class essay (Episode 187 on 7th Dec 2012)
5 Year girl Shalu goes missing, father in police radar (Episode 150, 151 on 2nd, 7th September 2012)
Delhi's Triple Honour killing: Monica, her husband Kuldeep and sister shobha killed for honor (Episode 34 on 20th Aug 2011)
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