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Adhura: Delhi man confess of killing wife and son (Episode 609 on 22nd January, 2016)
Shruti Kanwar: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Crime Patrol | Dunk: Delhi girl Bhawna Yadav (Payal) honour killing case (Episode 612, 613 on 28, 29 November 2015)
Crime Patrol: Embraced - Daughter's left by a mother raised by School Principal Prahlad Thakur (Episode 390, 391 on 5th, 6th July 2014)
Shaitaan (Colors): Payal kills her own family in rage and anger (Episode 8 on 23rd Dec 2012)
 Jammu girl Kajal Sharma murder case solved (Episode 148, 149 on 31 Aug & 1 Sep 2012)
A Kidnap: 21-year old Trupti goes missing with her cousin brother (Episode 57 on 11th November 2011)
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