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Crime Patrol | Case 32/2017: Naina kidnapped by Rohan, returned after 2 years (Episode 802, 803, 804 on 12, 13, 14 May 2017)
Crime Patrol | Case 80/2017: 55 years old clerk Ashok Gupta brutally killed and looted (Episode 883 on 31 Dec 2017)
Hamla: Pawan Bhardwaj goes missing with his mother and son Rohan (Episode 647, 648 on 15th, 16th April, 2016
Nakamiyaab: Pankaj Sinha's master plan to eliminate wife Geeta Sinha (Episode 623, 625 on 20th, 21st February, 2016)
Banished: Boycotted kids forced to live in a graveyard near their parent's graves (Episode 411 on 31st Aug 2014)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Jhampa's new born baby gose missing (Episode 41 on 26th May 2013)
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