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Lieutenant Jerome Mathew kills Neeraj Grover after seeing actress Monica Susiraj lying naked with him (Episode 28 on 30th July 2011)
8 Year Old Aashish Gets Assassinated (Episode 27 on 29th July 2011)
Deaf and Mute woman Asawari Joshi brutally killed (Episode 26 on 23rd July 2011)
Dr. Shastri's Prenatal Determination Clinic busted (Episode 25 on 22 July 2011)
23 year old Mala goes missing after her friend's Birthday party (Episode 24 on16th July 2011)
Khushi's pain described in her personal diary (Episode 23 on 15th July 2011)
Rajesh's son Aadi goes missing while enjoying at beach with Purvi (Episode 22 on 9th July 2011)
Sushma goes missing while trevelling to shirdi (Ep 21 on 8 Jul, 2011)
Manish's wife Shivani killed, police suspects bheema gang (Episode 20 on 2nd July 2012)
Accidental death of ganpat rao uncovered his murder (Episode 19 on 1st July 2011)
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