Posted On: Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lieutenant Jerome Mathew kills Neeraj Grover after seeing actress Monica Susiraj lying naked with him (Episode 28 on 30th July 2011)

Soniya (real name Maria Monica Susiraj and played by Monica Khanna) is a successful Kannada actress and wants to get a place in Bollywood. She makes relations with director Suraj (real name Neeraj Grover) while she is already engaged with Lieutenant Jacob (real name Lieutenant M.L. Jerome Mathew).

A day Jacob comes to Sonia's home to give her surprise but sees Soniya and Suraj and lying naked with each other. Jacob brutally kills Suraj.

The Story is based on well known Neeraj Grover Murder Case also there is a movie Not A Love Story by Ram Gopal Verma casting:

Mahie Gill as Anusha Chawla
Deepak Dobriyal as Robin Fernandes
Zakir Hussain
Ajay Gehi as Ashish Bhatnagar
Darshan Jariwala
Neil Bhoopalam
Ganesh Yadav
Prabhleen Sandhu as Anju
Rasika Joshi


Here is the inside story of the case:

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Posted On: Friday, July 29, 2011

8 Year Old Aashish Gets Assassinated (Episode 27 on 29th July 2011)

New Delhi, Jul 6, 2011
4-year-old boy Abhishek kidnapped and killed by a vegetable dealer Shyam Babu Chowdhary who was basically from Nepal. The 26-year-old accused arrested by Mehrauli police on 21 May 2011. After murdering the boy he disposed his body in a jungle near the Jamali Kamali Masjid and asked his father for a ransom of 5 lac rupees.

Chhaya Sharma, DCP (South Delhi) said that Chaudhary has come to Delhi 15 years ago and was working as a vegetable vendor at Mehrauli. Chaudhary has affection with his friend's son but his friend was not allowing him to meet the child so he planned to kill the child and asked a huge ransom.

Abhishek went missing during a procession towards Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan. Police also tried to locate Abhishek at Ajmer Sharif but could not succeed.

Man kills friend's son, demands Rs 5 lakh ransom


8 Year Old Aashish Gets Assassinated - Episode 27 - 29th July 2011

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Posted On: Friday, July 22, 2011

Dr. Shastri's Prenatal Determination Clinic busted (Episode 25 on 22 July 2011)

Another big problem of our India is the insignificant birth ratio of boys and girls. The reason behind this! Prenatal test. The test that determines the gender of the fetus inside the womb near 3 months of pregnancy. India has lots of illegal and hidden clinics running around the country those do this test so that the baby's parent can abort their baby girl before birth.

The case reveals the story of a lady Mallika who was forced to abort during her 3rd month because she was having a baby girl in her womb. Couple visits Dasgaon's (Maharashtra) Dr. Shastri's clinic for a prenatal test. After finding the baby girl, the doctor aborts the baby.

Fees of doctors during the test were 10,000/- and 40,000/-. 10,000/- for test and aborting girl and 40,000/- for examining the baby boy.

The story is based on Gujrat, 2006 sting operation conducted by the Gujarat government's health department and the Rajkot collector's office.

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Posted On: Saturday, July 16, 2011

23 year old Mala goes missing after her friend's Birthday party (Episode 24 on16th July 2011)

The case was portrayed by also Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind on Colors
Mala (real name Shikha Dubey, 23 played by Archana Veda) is the only daughter of Laxman Dubey (real name Ram Prakash Dubey). Mala's parents are very strict for her because she has an affair with Lallan Yadav (real name Deepu Yadav, 24). A day after going in her friend Jaanki's Birthday party mala does not come back. Her father and brother Jolly Dubey raise FIR. Police start an investigation and find the dead body of Mala.

crime patrol gorakhpur case Shikha Dubey, Mala, actress Archana Veda
Maala played by Archana Veda

Here is the inside story of the case:

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Posted On: Friday, July 15, 2011

Khushi's pain described in her personal diary (Episode 23 on 15th July 2011)

26-year-old Aarti Shekhar (real name Khushi and played by Sargun Mehta) killed herself just after few months of her dream marriage to a Wipro techie Sikandar Abhijeet. For Khushi (from Bihar) this was a dream come true when she got married to Sikandar but as time flows his dream turned into a nightmare. Her personal diary found by police was enough to explain her pain which she goes during these few months.

Sikandar also belongs to Bihar and this was a arrange marriage settled by their parents. Being a high paid software engineer, Sinkandar's family had high expectations from Khushi's parent and the diary says that it was really hard for Khushi's parent to arrange everything for them.

Here is the crime patrol version of the case:
Episode 23 - 15th July 2011


And this is the inside story of the case:
Sweety’s Diary : How the knot she tied took her life

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Posted On: Sunday, July 3, 2011

Manish's wife Shivani killed, police suspects bheema gang (Episode 20 on 2nd July 2012)

Story of an HR Manager of Infosys-Bangalore Manish who killed his wife Shivani (played by Parul Chaudhary) because she called him impotent.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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