Posted On: Saturday, August 27, 2011

Neha Verma, Mastermind of Indore triple murder case (Episode 36 on 27th August 2011)

One of the most sensational cases of Crime Patrol Dastak. Indore triple murder case planned by a salesgirl Neha Verma (shown as Nidhi Verma and played by Pooja Kanwal)

Here is the crime patrol video of the case on youtube:
Link 2. Tripple Murder By Saleswoman Nidhi Verma

And this is the inside story of the case on
Three held for Indore triple murder
Watch the video to know more about the case

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Posted On: Friday, August 26, 2011

Senior citizen Nasi bhai and his wife killed for property (Episode 35 on 26th August 2011)

Majid (real name Moiz Bharmal (57) and played by Aayam Mehta) is the only son of Nasi bhai and his wife. He is jobless and frustrated even having good onsite (dubai) experience. Majid is forcing his parents to shift to pune with him but they are not agree and finally he kills them.

YouTube Episode:

YouTube Episode (Bengali):

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Posted On: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Posted On: Friday, August 19, 2011

Rajesh's wife Sejal's miraculous return from death (Episode 33 on 29th Aug 2011)

Rajesh (real name Ramesh, 37 and played by Rajiv Kumar), resident of Maninagar, Ahemdabad, Gujrat lives with his wife Sejal (real name Kanchan Vinzuda, 34 and played by Pyumori Mehta) and 2 daughters. Rajesh has recently lose his father and he is in shock. He asks Sejal to come with him to outflow his father's ashes into river Narmada.

During Narmada visit, Sejal accidentally falls into the river.

Here is the youtube video
Rajesh's Wife Sejal's Miraculous Escape From Death

And this is this inside story of the case from
Woman defies death, comes back to nail killer

Other Tags: vatva, bavalia, bhavnagar, mannish, extramarital, affair

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Posted On: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmer Jagdish's daughter Vidya abducted (Episode 32 on 13 Aug 2011)

Jagdish is a farmer who has some debt from his landlord (zamindar) Babban Singh. His daughter Vidya (played by Sonakshi More) is educated and she earns through teaching kids. With the help of his daughter, Jagdish clears his all debt from Babban which hurts his ego and he kidnaps Vidya.
sonakshi more
played by Sonakshi More

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Posted On: Friday, August 12, 2011

Grade Three student Raju gets beaten by father regularly, Commits Suicide (Episode 31 on 12th August 2011)

Raju is a student on class 3rd. He daily used to come school before 1 hour and leaves after one hour of school is closed. He looks always depressed and worried. His class teacher and school principal tries to ask him why he always looks worried. He does not tell anything to them so they now calls his father to school. Later they comes to know that Raju is getting beaten regularly by his father.

Here is the inside story of the case:

And this is the youtube video:
Innocent Child Raju Commits Suicide - Episode 31 - 12th August 2011

Other Tags: oshiwira, mumbai, raju, Sanjay Bhatiya

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Posted On: Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well Planned Murder Of Proprietor Jaideep Vilani (Episode 30 on 6th August 2011)

Story of Rajkot, Gujrat based real estate dealer Rajdeep Singh (shown as Jaideep and played by Peeyush Suhaney). His body was found inside car. Throat slitted and his mouth was filled by 25,000/- notes.

Here is the full episode:
Well Planned Murder Of Proprietor Jaideep Vilani - Episode 30 - 6th August 2011
Other Tags: gujrat, rajkot, jay deep, property dealer, veera, palangtod, rozi

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Posted On: Friday, August 5, 2011

Vinod Nagar, Delhi's Blind murder case married girl Vidya (Episode 29 on 5th August 2011)

New Delhi, 18 May 2011
Vinod Nagar Police finds body of a newly married girl near 21-22 year old. They starts investigation but does not find clue.

On the other hand Vidya (real name Sadhna and played by Parul Gulati) who lives in Mumbai with his husband goes missing from her home. Veeru, his husband comes to Vidya's home at Bihar ti get her back but her parents are also aware of her missing girl.

Together they raise FIR to the police and during investigation police finds that Vidya was continuously in touch on phone with her 5 year old boyfriend Siddhu (real name Jitendra and played by Akshay Sethi). Vidya's father tells polices that after a long affair with electrician Siddhu they got her daughter married with Veeru in Aurangabad, Bihar. But Even after marriage she was still in touch with Siddhu over phone.

Lets watch the whole mystery on youtube:
Vinod Nagar Delhi's blind murder case

And here is the link of real story behind the case on with accused's photo on
The victim had left her husband and was pressurising the accused to marry her
Search Tags: blind murder, parul gulati, vidya, vinod nagar, siddhu, paswan, abishek pande, electrician, bheeru, darbhanga, veeru, mohan

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