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Anupama Sarkar's Shocking Death in a Bomb Blast (Episode 54 on 28th Nov 2011)
Shekhar kills Charu, Husband and charu's sister-in-law in fire of love (Episode 53 on 28 October 2011)
Assassination Of Senior Citizen Sejal Parikh (Episode 52 on 22nd October 2011)
Haryana Human Trafficking: 15 Year Old Girl Seema Gets Kidnapped (Episode 51 on 21st October 2011)
Senior citizen madhuri killed by someone (Episode 50 on 15th Oct 2012)
Engineering student Monica Murder Case, Nagpur (Episode 49 on 14th October 2011)
65 Year Old Chanda Narang Goes Missing (Episode 48 on 8th October 2011)
Triple Murder of Junaid, Nilofer and their daughter (Episode 47 on 7th October 2011)
Teen maid Gauri throws baby from fourth floor (Episode 46 on 1st October 2011)
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