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Shekhar kills Charu, Husband and charu's sister-in-law in fire of love (Episode 53 on 28 October 2011)

Shekhar Sen Gupata (real name Pijus Ghosh and played by Puneet Channa) is a state armed police constable who live at the rented flat of Charu Lata (real name Sharbani Pal and played by Malini Kapoor). Charu is a married woman lice with her husband but often comes to her home. Shekhar is attracted towards Charu and soon their affair starts. Charu's mother stops her for this kind of relationship but she does not agree.
A Early morning Shekhar escapes during his duty with his loaded SLR Riffle. He reaches Charu's home and forces her to get marry with him. Charu denies because she is already a married woman and mother of a kid. Shekhar brings her to other place with her husband and sister-in-law and shoots him. They all 3 dies immediately.

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Assassination Of Senior Citizen Sejal Parikh (Episode 52 on 22nd October 2011)

Here is the inside story of the case:

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15 Year Old Girl Seema Gets Kidnapped - Episode 51 - 21st October 2011

Sep 2011, Delhi
A teenage girl Seema gets kidnapped by a woman when she was searching for her friend's home at Seelampur area in Northeast Delhi.

The case exposes how adverse sex-ratio in Haryana has become a big issue where teenage girls are getting marrying after purchase.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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Senior citizen madhuri killed by someone (Episode 50 on 15th Oct 2012)

Madhuri Chitle is a 60 year old senior citizen lives with her 2 daughters meenal, varsha and nephew Raju. Shanti is her neighbor as well as a good friend. Shanti's economic condition is not good and she often asks money and other necessary things. One day shanti asks madhuri to give her 50 Rupee but madhuri denies. Shanti gets angry and goes back to her home.
Meenal forces madhuri to give her this small amount but madhuri still denies. Meenal goes to shanti's home and tries to give rup to shanti. Shanti shuts her door angrily.

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Engineering student Monica Murder Case, Nagpur (Episode 49 on 14th October 2011)

The case is portrayed by Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind also.

Sensational Monica (full name Monica Kirnapure) murder case in Nagpur. Monica was a engineering student at Nagpur who was living in a hostel. On March 11, 2011 around 10:30 she left for her college. She was near her college when 2 knife-wielding men on bike came and attacked on her. Everyone on the road was just watching the incident when Monica was crying for help. After the murder killer washed his hand and knife at same place with a threatened warning for all other of not disclosing anything to police. One bystander among several people came to help her and brought her to the hospital where doctors declared her dead.
The case was a challenge for the police department and it took 12 day to reveal the fact and reason behind the killing.

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Triple Murder of Junaid, Nilofer and their daughter (Episode 47 on 7th October 2011)

Junaid (real name Irfan Shah and played by Harsh Khurana) is in cloth business in Bhiwani area who lives with his wife Nilofer (real name Gulistan) and 3 kids. He is soon planning to open a new clothes shop in Thane.
A day when his 2 kids Sahil and Nagma comes back to their home from their school, they are shocked to see Junaid, Niloper and 3rd kids death body in the home. Police investigation reveals that Junaid was also used to borrow money on high interest and this was the main cause of the murders.


Links: Breakthrough in triple murder Girl arrives from school, finds parents, sister killed

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Teen maid Gauri throws baby from fourth floor (Episode 46 on 1st October 2011)

Story of a teenage girl Gauri who was held for throwing a half year old baby Azaan (real name Rehan) in anger from 4th floor of the home she used to work. When police arrested her then shoking truth came out after her medical tests.
Gauri Played by Mahendi Praveen Jain

Gauri Throws Her Owner's Child Azaan From The Balcony - Episode 46 - 1st October 2011

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