Posted On: Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well planned murder of Seema by in-laws (Episode 78 on 21st January 2011)

Geeta is elder sister-in-law of Seema (Real name Nilam). They lives at Mulund. One day suddenly manoj (Real name Pradip Singh), brother of Seema gets call from geeta that Seema get accident and she is in emergency and reach to her as soon as possible. Manoj tries to get connect with geeta's husband Vivek (Real name Priyesh) but vivek does not respond to his phone call.

Later seema informs police that the whole family was going to Silvasa factory for a Pooja. Factory is owned by vivek . Vishal (Real name Nilesh), who is elder brother of Vivek denies seema to come with them. Vishwanath (Real name Harishshankar), father of Vivek and Vishal calls a close friend Ratan singh (Real name Omprakash Lalthaprasad Tiwari) to arrange some fake post mortem report of Seema but Ratan Singh denies. Vishwanath offers Ratan a big amount of money but he still denies.

What is the reason of Seema's murder?
Why they travels four states to dump Seema's body?

Watch full Episode Here:
Well Planned Murder Of Seema In Silvassa - Episode 78 - 21st January 2011

And reveal real story here:
Man drives across four states to dump wife's body

'Help us nab these killers', say posters

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Posted On: Friday, January 20, 2012

Raj rapes Gia all the way from Mumbai to Goa (Episode 77 on 20th Jan 2012)

Raj (real name Manish Khanulkar(26) and played by Swapnil Kothriwal) is a 'road side romeo'. His hobby is to tease minor girls. He already has harassed a girl of her locality. Fear of infamy forced the family to leave mumbai so they shifts to pune.

Gia (played by Ekta Methai) also lives in a same locality of kandivali. She is orphan so she live with her mama (maternal uncle played by Amar Sharma) and nani (granny). She is a intelligent girl so she takes care of his mama's estate business as well as goes her school. One day gia explains his mama that a road side romeo named Raj is teasing and stalking at her. Her mama warns Raj to stay away from her niece Gia otherwise he will raise a complain to police.

Raj avoids all these warnings and a day he kidnaps Gia.

Why does he kidnaps Gia?
What does he do with gai after kidnap?

Click this link for a crime petrol episode as well as real story behind the case:

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