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An Escaped Convict: Lucknow triple murder case (Episode 450, 451 on 26th, 28th Dec 2014)
Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Starcast List 5
Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Starcast List 4
Irreconcilable Differences: Murder of Uttar Pradesh Baahubali Mohan Saini (Episode 448, 449 on 20th, 21st Dec 2014)
Innocence Trampled: Jitendra brings back her daughter Pari after seven years (Episode 447 on 19th Dec 2014)
Multiple Threats: Double Murder, Headless Bodies of Somesh and Meenu found (Episode 445/446 on 13/14 Dec 2014)
Wilful Blindness: 70 year old Eknath Tawde murdered by his son Prasad Tawde (Episode 444 on 12 Nov 2014)
Conspiracy Unearthed: Chain snaching gang investigation turns to a murder case (Episode 442, 443 on 6th, 7th Dec 2014)
Backstabbing: Kavita found hanging on a tree (Episode 441 on 5th Nov 2014)
Reports Unverified: Fake medical report labeled Nilesh HIV Positive (Episode 438 on 28th Nov 2014)
Unleashed Predators: Delhi 2010, Dhaulakuan gang rape case (Episode 439, 440 on 29th, 30th Nov 2014)
Trouble Shooting: Attack on a teacher Girdhar Bisht (Episode 436, 437 on 22nd, 23rd Nov 2014)
Close to the Heart: Seven year old kid Vikky goes missing (Episode 435 on 21st November 2014)
Shootout: Jamshedpur serial murders and shootouts (Episode 433, 434 on 15th, 16th November 2014)
Unbridled Desires: Vinayak kills mother, wife and daughter (Episode 432 on 14th November 2014)
Parkstreet Kolkata Gang Rape Case: Vicitim Suzette Jordan revealed her identity
Double Corssed: Businessman Vijay Bakshi's body found inside Bed Box (Episode 430, 431 on 8th & 9th Nov 2014)
Burnt Alive: Murder of RTI Activist Deepak Upadhyaya (Episode 428, 429 on 31st Oct & 2nd Nov 2014)
Fear of Being Caught: Mysterious death of 7 year old Suhani (Episode 427 on 25th Oct 2014)
A Plot In Rewind: Double Murder of Gangster Bablu and paramour Vandana (Episode 425, 426 on 18, 19 Oct 2014)
Money Trail: Murder of Yogesh's mother Damini (Episode 424 on 11th Oct 2014)
Betrayed By One's Own: Tabassum booked for forcing her minor sister in flesh trade (Episode 423 on 5th October 2014)
Guilt or Jilt: Pushpa’s dilemma after paramour Ashok's marriage is fixed with other girl (Episode 422 on 28th Sep 2014)
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