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Latur Garbhapat Scandal: Police finds multiple fetus in garbage (Dial 100 Episode 314 on 30th November, 2016)
Baadal: Kanpur's triple murder case (Episode 339, 340 on 26th, 27th Nov, 2016)
Kalpanik: 20 year old Domestic help Sunil Panday goes missing (Episode 738 on 25th November, 2016)
Taandav: Traffic police stops a car with tinted glasses, opens a year old murder case (Episode 736, 737 on 18th, 19th November, 2016)
Karishma: Shop Owner Vijay Rathod's charred dead body found (Episode 736 on 13th November 2016)
Besudh: Moradabad's inter-religion marriage ended with a honour killing (Episode 734, 735 on 11th, 12th Nov, 2016)
Akash Pratap Singh: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Belagaam: Robbers gang rape woman and stabs husband, father-in-law in Jodhpur's posh colony (Episode 732, 733 on 5th, 6th November, 2016)
Gyanendra Tripathi: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Target: Gang of four kidnappers chooses a wrong target (Episode 731 on 4th Nov, 2016)
Dead End: Mysterious murder of junior advocate also parent's spoiled brat son Santosh Mahato (Episode 729, 730 on 29th, 30th Oct, 2016)
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