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Misplaced correction: Killing of young Rohtak girl Pooja (Episode 342 on 22 Feb 2014)
Mania: Obsessed Chetan kidnaps Anjali's daughter Koyal (Episode 341 on 21st February 2014)
Jia Mustafa: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
House Break: Burglaries of millions without forcible entry inside a home (Episode 340 on 15th February 2014)
Jealousy: Event management employee Zoya found dead (Episode 339 on 14th Feb 2014)
Gauri Yadav Tonk: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
The Last Act: Heart-Wrenching story of a senior citizen Ramesh Parikh (Episode 338 on 8th Feb 2014)
A Bitter End: Murder of Ashish Taneja opens some illict facts (Episode 337 on 7th Feb 2014)
Prinal Oberoi: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
The Vanishing: Parwati Ben, a angadia firm owner goes missing (Episode 336 on 2nd Feb 2014)
The Accused: Woman accused landlord for physically assaulting her (Episode 335 on 31 Jan 2014)
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