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A Tunnel: Master plan of digging 125 feet long tunnel to loot bank (Episode 488, 489 on 28th, 29th Mar 2015)
Denied: A special child Priya goes missing (Episode 487 on 27th March 2015)
Daldal: Sushil and Karan's master plan to earn easy money (Episode 485, 486 on 21th, 22th March 2015)
The Godfather: Murder of aspiring actor Yogesh (Episode 484 on 20th March 2015)
Vinaash: Murder of a Tantrik Ashok Gupta (Episode 482, 483 on 14th, 15th March, 2015)
Shrapit: Innocent kid Sumit goes missing and found dead (Episode 480, 482 on 13th, 14th March 2015)
Gumshuda Behne: Teenager sisters Megha and Rohini goes missing (Episode 479, 480 on 7th, 8th March 2015)
Dar kinaar: Murder of PWD employee Renuka Tyagi (Episode 478 on 6th March 2015)
Swayed: Retired Senior citizen parents murdered and left to decompose for two months (Episode 476, 477 on 28th Feb and 1st March 2015)
Anti Social Network: Brutal murder of businessman Premvir Bajwa (Episode 475, 476 on 27th, 28th Feb 2015)
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