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Angarey: Businessman Pawan Dahiya's charred skeleton found inside his burnt car (Episode 714, 715 on 24th, 25th Sep, 2016)
Sudhartit: Anurag Pradhan poisoned to death by a stranger (Episode 713 on 23rd September, 2016)
Be-Tarteeb: Engineer Nasik girl Madhuri Satam's mysterious murder (Episode 711, 712 on 17th, 18th September, 2016)
Tadbir: Double Murder, Basheer and his wife Saira found murdered in their locked home (Episode 707 on 9th Sep, 2016)
Shriya Popat: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Stoneman: Gujarat's stone killer held for killing three people (Episode 708, 709 on 10th, 11th September, 2016)
Tarkeeb: Bihar's conman Shekhar accused for Triple Murder (Episode 705, 706 on 3rd, 4th Sep, 2016)
Jadtaa: Dehradun's Triple murder includes 2 women and a man (Episode 704 on 2nd September, 2016)
Ateet: Colleage dean Satyabhama Randhawa goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 231 on 31st August, 2016)
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