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Jammu girl Kajal Sharma murder case solved (Episode 148, 149 on 31 Aug & 1 Sep 2012)

Kajal Sharma (Real name Indrajeet Santaram Bhardwaj alias 'Payal' (32)) is a bar dancer in Mumbai but basically from Jammu. She is an ambitious girl who wants to become an actress in Bollywood and against her family's decision she left Jammu. Her elder sister Soniya (Played by Monica Khanna) also lives in Mumbai and she works as a call center employee. Kajal's parent at Jammu does not know about her profession. This is a hidden truth between Kajal, her sister, and brother.

In the bar, she meets Pankaj Gargil (Played by Anuj Thakur) and they fall in love with each other. Then suddenly a midnight a shopkeeper near Kajal's flat hears some voices of Kajal. He calls the police and after breaking the door, police found Kajal's dead body.

Who killed Kajal and why?

Part 1:
Part 2:

Let's crack the mystery visiting this link-

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Let's pray for a beautiful face and more beautiful life for Sonali Mukherjee, the acid attack victim from Dhanbad

Sonali Mukherjee, the acid assault victim of Dhanbad (Jharkhand) is undergoing yet another Plastic Surgery from Aug 29th, 2012 to re-achieve her real-normal face.

Sonali has already gone through 22 different surgeries in a decade since the acid attack on her, but this surgery is somewhat different in the way that she will be given to real normal face this time as possible as doctors can. Many news channels, websites are running a campaign for Sonali seeking justice as well as her treatment.

It's time to pray for our Captain Sonali Mukherjee that she will get a beautiful life ahead with her beautiful smiling face.

After the last week's episode telecasted on Sony TV's Crime Patrol Dastak, Sonali is getting huge support not only from India, from world-wide. Those who want to help her financially can deposit some amount to her father's account. You can get their account details from this post. To confirm the account is real or not, you can call and talk to Sonali's brother, father and, Sonali from the given phone numbers.

You can log on to Halla bol to sign a petition for Sonali's justice at-

read here the full story of Sonali's surgery-

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Euthanasia: Acid Attack victim Sonali Mukherjee (Episode 146, 147 on 24th, 25th Aug 2012)

The story starts from a press conference where a girl Mitali Das (Real name Sonali Mukherjee and character played by Veebha Anand) asking the government to give justice or let her die.

The year 2003
Mitali is a talented girl who is frustrated because 3 boys of the same locality are teasing her badly. When her father-brother shouts those boys, boys excuses that Mitali is not a good character girl. One day again when those boys try to tease her, some other people shout on the boys.

After near 1 month when Mitali is sleeping on the terrace with her family members they all 3 boys come and throw Sulphuric acid on her. Father played by Sanjeeva Vats

Case History
Its a terrible story of Sonali Mukherjee (27) from Dhanbad who face was severely injured by an acid attack on her before nine years in 2003.

That inextricable night of April 22, 2003, when three assailants who were her neighbors also (Tapas Mitra, Sanjay Paswan, and Bhrahmadev Hajra) of Sonali barged into her house through the roof when she was sleeping with all her family members and poured concentrated sulphuric acid (H2SO4. In Indian market the acid is also known as Gandhak or गंधक which is mostly used as a lead battery water and ratio of acid and water is near 30%-70% to make H2SO4 a lead-battery acid) on her face. That night ruined Sonali's whole life completely.

Sonali alleged that those assailants were teasing and harassing her repeatedly. A day when that boy teased her in the market, she shouted at them. Other people also supported her and after this boys plan to teach a lesson to her.

Session court sentenced nine years of presentment to the perpetrators but appealing high court they got bail after 3 years. Bhrahmadev Hajra was let off for being teener. Sonali and her father approaches various authorities, chief minister, MPs but did not get more than assurance.

This acid attack left Sonali partially deaf and blind. She came into the light when she demanded euthanasia (इच्छामृत्यु) from the government. Long time seeking help from political parties and government she got nothing and she didn't have money to afford her medical costs. The acid assault left her totally disfigured. Sonali required 15-16 lac for her medical treatment.

After showing her story on Crime Patrol Dastak (Episode 146,147 on 24th, 25th Aug 2012), Sonali got lots of encouragement and worldwide support. Sonali also appeared on Kaun Banega Crorepati and playing confidently she won 25 lac rupees.

Here is the inside story of the case:

Liking the post or leaving a comment on the post is not only enough. If you really want to help Sonali then you can deposit some money to Sonali's father's bank account. We are doing our bit, you do yours if possible.
Here are the detail below-

Chandi Das Mukherjee
A/C - 0612000103217964
Punjab National Bank, Nauroji Nagar Branch
IFSC Code: PUNB0061200
New Delhi

Contact Numbers:

Chandi Das Mukherjee - +91-9437638600
Sonali Mukherjee - +91-9210022919
Devashish Mukherjee - +91-9437638600

To support Sonali for the justice you should sign this petition also

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Mentally Challenged Khushi becomes Pregnant (Episode 144, 145 on 18, 19 Aug 2012)

The story starts from 21 years before in 1991 when a  woman gives birth to a baby girl but she, her husband and father/mother in law leaves that baby in a garbage. Next morning a nun (sister) of God's Children finds that baby from that garbage box and takes her to her association. Sister's association takes responsibility of the baby girl and gave her a name "Khushi"

After 7 years in 1998 doctors reveals that Khushi is a mentally retarded  girl and she should not keep with the other normal child of the organization. Considering the situation, organization decides to send Khushi to Chandigarh's Aradhna Sanstha.

Later in year 2009 a doctor of Aradhna Sanstha finds that khushi is 2.5 months pregnant. Owner of the organization files a complain to chandigarh police.
How Khushi will get justice?
Will she be able to deliver a baby?

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is inside story of the case:

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14 year old kesari escapes after getting marry with 55 year old (Episode 143 on 17 Aug 2012)

55 year old Jamidar Akhilendra of Baliputra, keonjhar district marries a 13 year old girl kesari (real name Minati Gagaral). Kesari's mother, brother forces her to stay with Akhilendra now but she denies. Kesari escapes towards wild jungle of baliputra and after spending 9 day there she reports everything to police. Police then arrests Akhilendra and send kesari to an organization.
In the year 2005 kesari got National award of bravery.

Watch here the real story of Dugi alias Minati Gagaral and her photograph with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while taking National bravery Award in 2006

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4 Year old varun kidnaps (Episode 140 on 11 aug 2012)

Suresh (Played by Ravi Gossain) is a marble contractor with average income in Nangloi-Delhi who lives with his wife rekha and a 4 year old child Varun. One day suddenly her child goes missing and he after reporting to police he starts getting call from the kidnappers for a ransom of rupees 20,000 only.

Who were those kidnappers and why did the asked for a ransom of just 20,000 rupees?
Click here to watch the real case history with crime patrol episodes.

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Sakshi kills her own uncle with husband's help (Episode 139 on 10 Aug 2012)

Sakshi's (Real name Prajakta) father leaves her at her uncle's (Real name Santosh Shankar Pawar) home because she is not good in studies. Her uncle takes her as her own child and promises sakshi's father that he will do as much as he can do for her.

Sakshi falls in love with Sanjay (Real name Bhoiyer) who is a auto driver. She explains this to her uncle and father. Her father is against this marriage but uncle convinces him.

Sakshi get married with Sanjay and after some time they both plans the murder of uncle Vijay Jadav.

Click here to read full real story-

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12 year girl Panchhi in child labour at delhi (Episode 135 on 4th Aug 2012)

This episode represents a bitter truth of our democracy. Child labor and human trafficking, these both are becoming worst day by day in india. This story hunt for a particular family of Rakesh Malhotra but its a common story where child below 18 years are send from rural areas to metro cities like Delhi and mumbai. Take 20 minutes of your busy routine and must watch the bottom video on this link that describes this bitter truth and many cases behind this truth.

Rakesh Malhotra is business man in Delhi. He is frustrated with his wife because his wife is forcing him that she needs a 24x7 maid for her home. Rakesh contacts a placement agency for a labour. Manager promises to bring a maid/house keeper as soon as possible.

On the other hand , panchhi - daughter of kumkum, is a 12 year girl from Kupoi - Jhankhand. One day a boy named Ashwin meets panchhi and convinces her to to come delhi with him. reaching delhi Ashwin handsover Panchhi to that placement agency. He takes 25,000 from Rakesh for Panchhi. Would panchhi ever got rid of this child labour?
Here is the inside story of this episode that contains many stories inside it

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Kavita hangs herself because she was not able to afford the school fee (Episode 137 on 3 aug 2012)

Kavita and Girish are happy married couple. Girish is a Driver whether Kavita is a house wife. They has two sons. Kavita is very ambitious about the education of her son Ravi (played by Sarthak Jain). She want to admit ravi in S J International school which is a very high class school.

Girish is a driver and he can not afford these heavy expense so he forbade Kavita that it will create big money crisis.

Kavita is depressed and one night Hangs herself and commits suicide.

Was their economic condition was the real reason behind the death of Kavita?

Click here to see the real history of this case of Ranchi-

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