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From 'President Award' for bravery to 'Daily Wages' (Episode 160 on 27th Sep 2012)

Year 2004, district - Kamrup, Assam
Ratul Chandra Rabha (as Ratan Viswas) and Rituparna Boro (as Arvind Das) are students of 8th and 10th class. One day suddenly 2 unknown men (as Chiru and Gopi) carrying pistol and grenade in their hand entered into the school campus and fires on a teacher. Teacher and students of the school chased them who were later identified as the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) shown as ALG later on.

The time militant attacked, Ratul and Rituparna did not scared of them and chased them upto 3 kilometers. The chasing turns the nabbing of one of those two invasive who killed their teacher.

Year 2005
Ratul and Rituparna get Rashtrapati Award (National Bravery Award) for chasing the militants who killed their school teacher all open and subsequently one of the militants was caught.

Event both kid who got highest national honour, after few years of the incident, they both were forced to leave their study due to poverty.

Year 2012
Today they both Ratul(20) and Rituparna(22) are below poverty line and are daily wage earner who earns hardly 120 rupee in a day. Ratul's views about the award is that the award has no meaning for him because his life condition is still as tough as it was before a time. They were expecting to have government job in Indian army or state police department after getting bravery award but they got nothing. They appealed CM of Assam Mr. Tarun Gogoi and other politicians for help but did not get any positive response.

For all full detail about the case with crime patrol version of Ratul, Rituparna story please click here.

The Sunday Indian, a news paper announced a campaign in favour of these forgotten but deserving heroes to redevelop their future.

Please donate generously and make their dreams come true!

Cheques\Drafts can be sent in favour of 
Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation
IIPM campus, Satbari, Chandan Haula, Chattarpur, Bhatimines Road, New Delhi-110074

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Diamond thief Karan Patel falls into Mumbai police's honey trap (Episode 159 on 24 Sep 2012)

Mukesh is a diamond merchant at Mumbai. A day a 23-24-year-old guy named Gaurav Khera (real name Karan Patel and played by Gyanendra Tripathi) comes to his office and explains that he is a talented diamond sampler and has a good knowledge of pureness of diamonds. Asking Mukesh, he explains his talent in this professional. Mukesh trusts him and gives him the position of the diamond sampler in his office.

After few days Gaurav goes missing from his office with diamonds of worth rupees 8 lakh. Mukesh raises FIR to the police and police plans a trap for Gaurav.

Watch below link to check how police track Gaurav Khera, with the real story behind the case and a small coverage of ABP News.

Watch the video to know more about the case

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Domestic violence forces ranjana to commit suicide (Episode 158 on 22 Sep 2012)

The story reveals the reality of domestic violence in India.
Place: Sinner
Ranjana (real name Sunita(25)) lives with his husband Mahesh  (real name Gyaneshwar Pandurang Kakad (32))  and 2 children. His husband is an auto driver and an alcohalic. Mahesh does not care about the bad economic condition of his family.
Domestic violence is increasing day by day in this family. A night when Ranjana fights with Mahesh because there was nothing to make food for the night, Mahesh and his mother (real name Laxmibai Pandurang Kakad (65)) shout and physically abused her over this pity issue. Ranjana got depressed and hangs herself from the ceiling fan just a day before Raksha Bandhan.

What is the story that was taken! Check the link below.

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Makrand Gawde goes missing in National Park (Episode 157 on 21 Sep 2012)

Borivali, Mumbai: Makrand Gavde (Real name Sanjesh) was son of Chandrakant and was a 19 year old student at mobile repairing classes. He was fond of visiting Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) which is a dense forest. The forest is known for the leopard attack on innocent people.

A day before his mobile repair teaching classes he again visits SGNP and goes missing. His parents are worried about him and raised FIR to the police. After 10 days of missing Markand, police recovers his distracted body from SGNP.
Whom the story is really based on! And was this is leopard attack?
Read here:

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Thanks to everybody - Sonali, getting slow recovery

Here is a good news for all the people who know the pity story of Sonali Mukherjee (Mitali Das in Crime Patrol Episodes telecasted on 146, 147 on 24th, 25th Aug 2012).
Sonali is continuously undergoing many surgeries and she is happy to see a huge support from all over the world.

In the recent interview (9th Sep) she explained IBN7 that her all surgeries will go in 9 phases and will take next 1.5 years to complete. Her reconstructive surgeries are undergoing at B L Kapur hospital and Delhi. She explains that the legal help against those guys who disfigured her face is still not satisfactory. She already appealed to chief justice but no one cares about her case.

You still can help sonali by donating some money at her father, Mr. Chandi Das Mukherjee's account:

Here are the contact details:

Following are their contact details:

Brother Devashish Mukherjee: 09437638600
Father Chandi Das Mukherjee: 09210022919

Check this link for recent interview with Sonali.

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Madhav Narayan's son Ramesh kidnaped for 10 lac rupees (Episode 156 on 16 Sep 2012)

Amit (Real name Kalpesh Saroj) and his father are shopkeepers who has their shop of vegetable and fruits at mira road. Both son and father are raised by Madhav Narayan (Real name Ramchandra) a civil contractor who is a honest, well nature businessman.
Amit borrows a loan of 1 lac from Vikram Seth but he is not able to pay on time. He still has outstanding of 60,000. He is getting tthreatening calls from Vikram so he plans kidnapping of Madhav Narayan's 20 year old son Ramesh (Real name Ganesh Ramchandra Shriram) and calls Madhav Narayan for ransom.

Did Ramesh survive?
Here you get the real story of the case:

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Pooja finds her fake profile and fake photos on friendsbook (Episode 155 on 15 Sep 2012)

Pooja Patel (played by Vaibhavi Upadhyay) is a call center employee who suddenly starts getting Indecent calls. She is getting call in which men are asking about her rates and how much she costs for an hour.

She informs this to her parents. In one call she acknowledged that the people are getting her number from a Friendsbook (Facebook) profile. She searched her own name on friendsbook and find that there is a profile which has her morphed and obscene photos.

Pooja files an FIR to the police station. Police officer Geeta Sainchar (played by Ankita Bhargava) starts tracking the record behind this fake friendsbook profile. They approaches friendsbook's head office at Hydrabad. Hydrabad office contact their head office at California and then police finds the real name Arjun Gandhi behind this fake profile.

Who is actually this Arjun Gandhi? And why he is posting obscene photos of pooja?
Screenshot of fake profile of Pooja Patel
(Not original images)

Click here for the inside story of the case: Tags: arjun, Badlapur, girl, cyber crime, facebook, friendsbook, gandhi, geeta sainchar, Ghatkopar, internet, IP Address, Pooja Patel, Suraj Ravi Bhat, varodara, call

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Son murders alcoholic father because he abused his mother (Episode 154 on 14 Sep 2012)

Moinuddin Sheikh is father of Nawaaz Sheikh and Maajid Sheikh. His wife's name is Sadia Sheikh.  Moinuddin  is a alcoholic person and due to his alcoholic habit the whole family is going through a economic crisis. Moinuddin  is greedy of money and alcohol and for this he often clobbers Sadia.

Doctors have declared that hi is now a patient of TB (Tuberculosis) and he should make some distance from alcohol.

One day Sadia suddenly call her brother Wakaar and brother-in-law Saifuddin. Reaching their home they found dead body of  Moinuddin!!

Who killed  Moinuddin?
Click here to know the inside story of the case

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New born baby girl become unwanted between battle of 2 families (Episode 152, 153 on 8, 9 Sep 2012)

Amrit Singh is a teacher whose wife Meena is pregnant. Amrit takes Meena to jodhpur for her delivery.

At the same time Kishan who is a Kadhiya (मिस्त्री, जो दीवार पे प्लास्टर करते हैं और घर बनाते हैं) by the profession also bringing his wife to the Same hospital 'Raja Madhav' of Jodhpur.

After the delivery of Amrit's wife Meena, the ward boy brings their baby to them and declares that they are blessed with a baby boy. After a few seconds, a nurse comes and handles over a baby girl explaining that due to some mistake babies are exchanged and Meena delivered a baby girl, not a boy. She explains that the baby boy was delivered by Kishan's wife Seema.

Both Kishan and Amrit are battling for their newborn baby boy, and they both are not taking any care of the baby girl born. 8 days pass and the baby girl is still aware of mother's milk. Her condition became critical but both families do not agree to feed that small baby.

Hospital admits their mistake and call police (Lead role played by Vineet Sharma) for the further investigation.

What police found?
Who are the real mother and father of that baby girl?
Is it a conspiracy planned by the hospital and its staff?

Watch here the real/inside story of the case-
Search Tags: Amrit, baby, badmer, chain, child, exchange, ganga kewalram, jodhpur, Kanwar, kishan, Meena, Poonam, raja madhav, Reshma Devi, seema, singh, siwana, suo moto cognizance, theft, Vineet Sharma, Vibhuti Thakur, Shashi Ranjan,

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5 Year girl Shalu goes missing, father in police radar (Episode 150, 151 on 2nd, 7th September 2012)

Year 2010
Shalu (Real name Neelu Khatoon) is a 5 year old cute girl of Mumtaz (Real name Jamila Khatoon) and Nasir (Real name Akhtar Alam) who residing at Khirki Extenssion, Delhi. Nasir is 2nd husband of Mumtaj and is a father of Shalu.
Shalu has real affection with Nasir but does not call her 'Abbu' and asking father's name to her she always speaks the name of his real father 'Shabbir'

An evening Shalu suddenly goes missing. Mumtaj last see her playing in a park near home.

They raise FIR to the police and after some investigation police realize that Nasir who is not real father of Shalu and suspects as a kidnapper. In further investigation police confirms that Nasir is not involved in this.
Swati Tarar, Melanie Nazareth and Hetal Gada

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