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Trouble Shooting: Attack on a teacher Girdhar Bisht (Episode 436, 437 on 22nd, 23rd Nov 2014)
Close to the Heart: Seven year old kid Vikky goes missing (Episode 435 on 21st November 2014)
Shootout: Jamshedpur serial murders and shootouts (Episode 433, 434 on 15th, 16th November 2014)
Unbridled Desires: Vinayak kills mother, wife and daughter (Episode 432 on 14th November 2014)
Parkstreet Kolkata Gang Rape Case: Vicitim Suzette Jordan revealed her identity
Double Corssed: Businessman Vijay Bakshi's body found inside Bed Box (Episode 430, 431 on 8th & 9th Nov 2014)
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