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Hamsafar: A Tale of Three girls Rekha, Geeta and Supriya from Gujarat (Episode 702, 703 on 27th, 28th August, 2016)
Tiraskaar: Double murder of mother Sarita and her Special Child Teena (Episode 701 on 26 August, 2016)
Khalish: Crime Branch took 10 months to solve Shikha Makwana's blind murder case (Episode 699, 700 on 20th, 21st Aug, 2016)
Crime Patrol's Most Well Known Starcast List 7
Zahar: Dhaba owner Kuljeet murdered over dispute with his brother Arjun! (Episode 698 on 19th August, 2016)
Azadi: Eleven year old Kajal reunites with family after 5 years (Episode 696, 697 on 13th, 14th Aug, 2016)
Lakeer: Murder of Furniture contractor Rahul Mathur (Episode 695 on 12th Aug, 2016)
Gumraah: Four students Amit, Sandhu, Aradhi and Preetpal goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 217 on 8th August, 2016)
Khafa: Karan Solanki killed by two unknown person (Episode 692 on 5th Aug, 2016)
Zarurat: Frustrated with relationship, youth kills housewife Pranita (Episode 694 on 7th Aug, 2016)
Kinaara: Mukti and her Ex-lover Raunak planned to eliminate Mukti's husband Bhavesh (Episode 693 on 6th Aug, 2016)
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