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Shaitaan (Colors): Vidya's fight against child trafficking (Episode 35 on 28 Apr, 2013)

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Shaitan (Colors): The Unfortunate cricketer (Episode 34 on 27 Apr, 2013)

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Shaitaan (Colors): Romila, a player of Bihar women's kabaddi and Rasul Amin, a Badminton champion murder cases (Episode 33, April 21st, 2013)

Story One:
Romila, 20 year old girl from Himachal Pradesh is the only source of income for her family. Because she represents his state as a Sport lady, he government gives her job. During her practice session in Patna (Bihar) a CRPF guy Bhairo Singh has affection with her. He proposes Romila but she denies him badly. Giggled Bhairo kills her by his AK 47 and immediately after that he kills himself.

Based on Manisha Kumari murder case done by CRPF man Jaswant Singh

Story Two:
Rasul Amin is a famous badminton champion who comes in touch with a former badminton player Vijaya. They are in love and soon they get marry. Her wife Vijaya is in touch with a politician Laakhan Naik. She re-starts her career as a interior designer at Laakhan's home. Rasul does not like her she comes back late night and most of the time she brings gifts given by Laakhan. A day suddenly someone kills Rasul out of his practice ground.

Based on Sayed modi Murder case

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Here is the inside stories of the cases:

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Unclaimed Bodies: Wrongly claimed dead body for insurance claim (Episode 235, 236 on 19th , 20th Apr 2013)

स्कूल के लौटते हुए तीन बच्चे देखते हैं की एक आदमी एक बस से उतरता है और उसी बस से टक्कर खा कर गिर जाता है. वो बुरी तरह से ज़ख़्मी है. बच्चे रास्ते में जाती एक जीप को रोकते हैं. उस जीप का चालाक और बच्चे मिल कर उस आदमी को उठाते हैं और अस्पताल ले जाते हैं. उस आदमी का खून काफी नेह चूका होता है. डॉक्टर काफी कोशिश करते हैं मगर उसकी मौत हो जाती है. डॉक्टर पुलिस को सूचित करते हैं, पुलिस उसके शव को मुर्दाघर भेज देते हैं और उसकी लाश को लावारिस लाशो की श्रेणी में दाल देती है. उस आदमी की फोटो अख़बार में भी दी जाती है और मौत के करीब 10 दिन बाद 2 आदमी अनिल, धरम और एक औरत शिवानी आकार बताते हैं की ये लाश गोपाल सिंह की है जो की कुछ दिन से गुमशुदा था और उसकी पत्नी का नाम कविता है. वो लोग उसके शव को साथ ले जाते हैं और कुछ दिन बाद वापस आकार उसके पंचनामा और पोस्टमॉर्टेम रिपोर्ट ले जाते हैं और फिर उसका डेथ सर्टिफिकेट भी बनवाते हैं.
Abbas Gaznavi

दूसरी और जोधपुर पुलिस दीपक नाम के एक शख्स को काफी अरसे से तलाश कर रही है. करीब 6 महीने बाद उनको दीपक के सेलफोन के स्विचऑन होने की सिग्नल मिलते हैं. पुलिस तफ्तीश करती है तो पता चलता है की दीपक का मोबाइल वही बच्चा इस्तेमाल कर रहा है जिसने गोपाल सिंह को अस्पताल पहुचने में मदद की थी. पूछने पर वो बच्चा बताता है की ये सेलफोन उसी गोपाल सिंह का है जो की अस्पताल ले जाते समय जीप में गिर गया था.

जांच करने पर पता चलता है की जो लोग उस लाश को गोपाल सिंह की लाश बता कर ले गए उसका असली नाम दीपक प्रसाद है और वो एक पुजारी का बेटा है.
  • Sudeep Sarangi
  • Shahab Khan
  • Sudeepta Singh
  • Amano Dhyan
  • Sachin Tyagi
  • Gulshan Pandey
  • Bharat Chawda
Part 1:
Part 2:

Search Tags: Bharat Chawda, Gulshan Panday, Sachin Tyagi, Sudeep Sarangi, Sudipta, Unclaimed body, amano dhyan, barmer, gopal singh, insurance, jodhpur, sanjeev tyagi, shahab khan, लावारिस लाशें

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Shaitaan (Colors): A Virtual Trap of Social Networking and Cyber Crime (Episode 32 on April 14th, 2013)

Anil, a bihar based student who comes to pune on reference of a native senior Subhash. Anil is addicted to internet and spends daily 4-5 hours on spacebook chatting. He gets a friend request from a girl Veena. Spending good time on internet forces him to meet her. Veena invites hes at her home and then kidnaps with the help of her friends.

Infact this was a gang of internet chat group where Veena traps people, invites them and during having sex with them makes photos of videos then blackmails them.

They calls Anil's parent to a ransom of 2 crore (20 million) rupees. His father comes to pune and informs police about this.

Based on Adnan Patrawala murder case (mumbai, 2007) who was kidnapped then murdered.

Name of the accused are:
  • Sujit Nair
  • Ayush Bhat
  • Rajeev Dharaiya
  • Amit Kausha
  • Khimesh Ambavat(17)
Prosecution was failed to prove the murder though after 5 years of the murder in 2012, the Mumbai session court acquitted four of the 5 accused. Last one, Kimesh Ambawat was a juvenile and was tried by the Juvenile Justice Board.

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Ankita Bhargava: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Most Well Known Star Casts
Episode's roped in Ankita Bhargava

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Commercial Surrogacy and Child Trafficking Rackets in India (Episode 233, 234 on Apr 13th, 14th 2013

Veena (real name Manjula) a Ahemdabad based woman comes to police to report that she is harassed by a guy named Girish (real name Rajkumar). Police does a midical checkup and checkup reveals that Veena is 2 months pregnant. Lady police (lead played by Ankita Bhargava) files FIR and investigates at Girish's home at Surat. They finds Girish's father is a head constable at Surat and he does not know anything about Girish's profession. Girish's cellphone is now switched off. Police comes back to Vadodara and after reaching they comes to know that Veena has withdrew the FIR. Police still investigates and catches Veena and Girish both.

The investigation now turns towards commercial surrogacy and child trafficking.

Here is the inside story of the case:

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Shaitaan (Colors):In the pretext of Love (Episode 31 on 13 Apr, 2013)

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Hemangi Kavi: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses

Most Well Known Star Cast

Episodes roping in Hemangi Kavi

Education: J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai
Hemangi entered into glamour world through the Marathi entertainment industry. Before this, he worked under a company but she was interested in working in movies and serials. Marathi play "Shame to Shame" was her first play. Saam TV's "Maddam Sasu Dhaddam Sun" was the startup TV serial of her. She also does several roles in Marathi film. Starting as a junior artist, she played a lead role in the film "Manatlya Manaat".

Awards :
Sakalpapurti Puraskar 2010
Swami Vivekanand Puraskar 2011

Daily soaps :
1. Maddam Sasu Dhaddam Sun(Mi Marathi)
2.Fu Bai Fu (Zee Marathi)

Films (Movies) :-
Pipaani - 2012
Gola Berij - 2012
Swarajya – Marathi Paul Padte Pudhe - 2011
Fakt Ladh Mhana - 2011
Pangira - 2011
Paach Naar Ek Bejaar - 2011
Davpech - 2011
Paradh - 2010
Kon Aahe Re Tikade - 2010
Manatlya Manat - 2009
Dhudgus - 2008
Rangee Berangee -2008

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