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Case 51/2017: Charred body of a businessman found at Kolar gold fields, Bangalore (Episode 835 on 28th July, 2017)
Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos: List 9
Case 50/2017: Guna Triple murder. Teenager Hemant, Ritvik, Lokesh kidnaped, killed, burnt (Episode 833, 834 on 22nd, 23rd July 2017)
Case 49/2017: MP Police cracks an almost perfect blind murder (Episode 832 on 21st July, 2017)
Case 48/2017: UP Shocker, Suicide or Murder? Four siblings killed in 7 years (Episode 830, 831 on 15th, 16th July, 2017)
Case 47/2017: Murder at Midnight - Middle aged woman Durga Devi stabbed to death in the midnight (Episode 829 on 14th July, 2017)
Saurabh Goyal: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
Case 46/2017: Engineering students double murder at Lonavala (Episode 829, 830 on 8th, 9th July, 2017)
Case 45/2017: Dead body recovered from a septic tank after four months of murder (Episode 823 on 7th July, 2017)
Case 44/2017: Conspired with lover Nazneen, Dheeraj kills her husband Ashraf (Episode 824, 825 on 1st, 2nd July, 2017)
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