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Sixty Six: Indian woman's 3 months long captivity for dowry (Episode 289, 290 on 30-31 Aug 2013)

Sixty Six (66)
छांछठ (६६)

"66". Its been sixty six years passed we got freedom, still a 21 year old woman tortured by her husband and relatives for dowry and forced to live in place inhabited by domestic animals.

Stroy of Ujjwala who was kept in captive by her husband and brother-in-law in animal's godown and then sold to other village's Zamidaar for Rupee 50,000.

Ujjwala's mother-in-law and husband were demanding a Bike, color television, and a tractor from her father when they saw that her brother's marriage was really going well and her father must have gotten a good dowry from her brother's in-laws.
Heena Parmar

Part 1:
Part 2:

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The Nexus: Lucknow's Maaz murder case (Episode 286, 287, 288 on 23, 24, 25 Aug 2013)

The Nexus
Nawab (real name Maaz Ahmad, 14), a 14 year old boy was shot dead by few unknown assailants

Three men come on a bike, knocks the door of Late Inspector Shakoor's home, and his wife Rabia (real name Husna Bano) opens the door. One of then stares at all of them including Afreen (real name Nida and bua of Maaz. Played by Jia Mustafa), Rabia (Nawab's aunt) and Nawab's younger brother and then shoots Nawab who is watching TV. Nawab dies on the spot.
Police investigation reveals that it was a contract killing handled by history sheeter Pankaj (real name Sandeep Rai) who is in life imprisonment at Azamgarh jail and Afreen had affair with a guy of same locality Shadab (real name Aqmal) and Lucknow's human trafficking cell incharge Inpector Rajiv (real name Sanjay Rai played by Sanjeev Tyagi) was the reason for their breakup. Investigation also reveals that there was some connection of the cop in this murder who was in affection with Afreen who is a police trainee after her father Shakoor's death.


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MBA… Sham…BA: Education related racket busted by Mumbai Crime Branch (Episode 284, 285 on August 17, 18 2013)

Based on fraud of a education related racket which was exposed by Mumbai crime branch during May 2013. The scam was exposed at Mumbai-based Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) University which conducts NMAT (Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test) for their MBA programs.
The university staff got attention when the candidates got top numbers in their written test but performed bad during their group discussion and personal interviews. Management of NMIMS reported this to Crime Branch Mumbai and during the start of their investigation they realized that there might be a loop-hole in the written test process and a dummy candidate can appear in the test besides the original one.
Interrogating the victim (student) told that during their coaching classes, the coaching in-charge introduced him another person who was a career counsellor and he encourages the students to get admitted in NMIMS through management quota which will cost them 20 lac rupees. Also they will not be require to attend the written test and they will directly get call for they GD and personal interview sessions.

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The Loot: A booty of Rupees 60 Lac (Episode 283, Aug 16 2013)


The Loot

Balram (real name Kacchru Meshram) is a senior citizen, who is father of 2 daughters and wants to sell his 5 acre land to distribute money to his daughter for their future. Damodar (real name Bandu Wankhede) is known to him and he is interested in buying his land. The deal fixes with 60 lac rupees and Damodar arranges the money for this.

While Balram, his nephew, his daughter Kalpana are going for the deal 3 guys attacks on them and takes away the bag of money from Kalpana and runs away. Immediately Balram, Damodar who is injured in the attack files complain to the police.



And here is the inside story of the case:

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Where is my daughter, Story of missing Sofia Suleman (Episode 281, 282 on 10th-11th Aug 2013)

Sofia ki talaash
सोफिया की तलाश 

Sofia Suleman, a 19 year old girl suddenly goes missing from her home. His father Imaran and brother Shahid are trying to file an FIR but they are not supported by police officials. Police inspector is denying to register FIR. They are abusing both Imran and his son every time by saying that Sofia would have escaped with her boyfriend on her own. No need to register the FIR. Imran comes to know that one other girl Shalini was also went missing few months back in his village. He meets his father also and he says that police did not register their complain also and his daughter is still missing.

Imran is a daily wager who works in a factory. He is economically poor. During these circumstances his wife gets paralyzed.

After few days Imran get a call on his mobile from a unknown number from Delhi that his daughter is in Delhi's DB Road area and she gave his Imran's number sothat Imran can rescue her from here.

Imran goes back to Police station and tells then the story. Police inspector still does not listen to him and forces him to go to Delhi and file FIR there. Imran goes to Delhi and after telling the whole incident, police asks him to show copy of FIR that he filed at his village's police station.

See, how Delhi based NGO Shakti Vahini rescued her from the brothel.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Here is the inside story of the case:
Trafficked, confined and...

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Disconsolate husband Roshan shoots his wife Anchal outside court (Episode 280 on 9th Aug 2013)

Anchal (real name Deepti and played by Ekta Tiwari) a mother of 2 daughters was shot dead by his husband (real name Pawan and played by Manmohan Tiwari) while she was coming out of the court with her father. Anchal was shot dead by a 12 bore double-barrel gun of Rashan's father which was stolen by Roshan. Anchal died on the spot. The bullet hit her upper back and punctured her heart.

It was their 8 year old marriage which turned into sour after a huge business loss. From a long time he was willing to re-settle his business but could not succeeded. Economic crisis and daily quarrels forced Anchal to walk-out of his home and he came back to his father's home.

Lets watch what the whole case was. Based on a Delhi case in which husband Pawan hanged himself after killing his wife Deepti near Kadkaddooma metro station.
Deepti played by Ekta Tiwari

Here is the inside story of the case:

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A Journey of Life: Catholic Priest Sebastian, who donated Kidney to Muslim man Rasad Mohammed (Episode 278, 279 on 3rd-4th Aug 2013)

A Journey Of Life
जिंदगी का सफ़र

Another unusual story presented by Crime Patrol Dastak that again teaches us that humanity has no limitations even we are from different communities. Two different person who comes from different faith meets each other in a bus and this meeting changes their lives completely.

Father Sebestian, 41 (played by Iqbal Azad) who is catholic priest from Kottayam, Kerala while Rashad Mohammad (30) is from Alappuzha who urgently needs a kidney transplant. Rashad was working at a shop as sales person in Gulf. His earning from Gulf was a big relax for his parent. Rashad's father was running a small stationary shop at Haripad in Alappuzha. His brother was also doing a small job at Haripad. Rashad's parents are patients of Hight Diabities and during their critical time, Rashad's earning was a big support for them.

During 2011 Rashad was feeling that his eye sight is becoming weak. His eye checkup report was good. Another doctor asks him to do a blood test but his blood sugar and cholesterol was also fine. Few more tests revealed that both of his kidneys has problem. His kidneys soon needs a transplant and soon his dialysis will also start. Rashad comes back to his home in India. From then he was borrowing money from his relatives and friends for his dialysis. His both parent were also not able to donate kidney to him as they both a diabetic and heart patients. His brother can not donate his kidney because his blood group is different.

February 25, 2013 was a unforgettable day for Rashad on which he met Father Sebastian in a bus to the hospital. He set next to the father just by chance. Years ago father Sebastian came to know that a person can live with just one kidney. That time he decided that he will donate his one kidney to a deserving person.

"I was also inspired by the story of Father Davis Chiramel, who had donated one of his kidneys to a Hindu. I was waiting for the day when I could also make the same sacrifice."

A man can donate his kidney to a person who has same blood group. Asking Rashad told him that his blood group is A+. Father's blood-group was also same. Now they need to check with the doctor if other items matches. As per medical, a person can donate his kidney to a person with same blood-group with 65% match but in there case medical tests showed 95% match.

After these medical procedures, Rashad's friends and relatives arranged money for his operation which was around 5 lac.

"We may be following different faiths but all of us should remember that there is only one God and He represents love and kindness. And in front of death, there is no religion. I sincerely hope nobody will impose their faith on others and nobody would fight in the name of religion."

"I am a Catholic priest from Chalakuddy; Rasad, a Muslim from Haripad and we met on a bus to Kochi. What a strange coincidence! Without God deciding it, how can this happen? Both of us believe in our respective religions fiercely."

"As per my religious beliefs, there is nothing more than giving one's life to someone and God has given me the opportunity to give a part of my life to a person so that he gets a new lease of life. I am talking about what am doing only because I will be blessed if this can inspire at least one other person."

"Religion never came to my mind when I wanted to help Rasad; the only thoughts I had were of love, peace, brotherhood and humanism."- Father Sebestian.

Part 1:
Part 2:


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A Devilish Plot: Conspiracy to implicate businessman Manoj Lalwani (Episode 277 on 2nd August 2013)

A Devilish Plot
एक शैतानी षड़यंत्र

Delhi, May 2013
Ajeet (real name Raza and played by Gyanendra Tripathi) reaches police station with his sister Rajshri and informs the police that her sister was abused while she was waiting for a conveyance from Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah to Lado Sarai.

That was a mid night and while she did not get a way to reach her home at Lado Sarai, she takes a Mahindra Xylo car with few people who also took the same vehicle. Other person gets down before Lado Sarai came and the man who was driving the car, attacked her and tried to assault her. Rajshri says that that man slapped her, snatched her gold chain. Due to some circumstances that man thrown him out of the car and ran away.
Sudeepta Singh
When police tracked her mobile phone, they gets the location. Reaching the place they finds same Xylo car out side house of a Gurgaon (originally Faridabad, Haryana) based business man Manoj Lalwani (real name Ashok and played by Pankaj Berry) who is the same person whose sketch was made with the help of Rajshri.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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