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Delhi police resuced 18 months old ishan (Episode 72 on 31st Dec 2011)
Foul murder of 5th class student Sumeet (Episode 71 on 30 Dec 2011)
Beyond the religions: Muslim child Akbar raised by a Hindu tea vendor Aikulal Sandil (Episode 69, 70 on 23, 24 Dec 2011)
Wrist watch helps Aurangabad police to unravel Sudarshan Kambli's murder mystery (Episode 68 on 17th December 2011)
Accidental death of Aashish Patil turned into Murder case (Episode 67 on 16th Dec 2011)
Crime Patrol: Episode 66 on 10th December 2011
Study pressure forces Teenager Gia to commit suicide (Episode 65 on 9th December 2011)
Shaq: Rajjo, wife of PWD Engineer goes missing then found dead (Episode 63, 64 on 2nd, 3rd Dec 2011)
Anupama Sarkar's Shocking Death in a Bomb Blast (Episode 54 on 28th Nov 2011)
Father sold disabled daughter Neeta to Mumbai Brothel (Episode 62 on 26 Nov 2011)
Police Constable Baldev plans his wife's murder (Episode 61 on 25 Nov 2011)
The Abduction: Ankita Sharma a waitress in a pub kidnaps by eve teasers (Episode 60 on 19 Nov 2011)
Crime Patrol: Eve-Teasing and Street Harassment: A Growing Problem in India (Episode 59 - 18th November 2011)
Bharat bhai's Mysterious Death (Episode 58 on 12th November 2011)
A Kidnap: 21-year old Trupti goes missing with her cousin brother (Episode 57 on 11th November 2011)
Crime Patrol | 10-year-old kid molested and threatened to kill in school (Episode 56 on 5 Nov 2011)
Mysterious Death Of Yashpal Singh's Wife Soni (Episode 55 on 4th November 2011)
Shekhar kills Charu, Husband and charu's sister-in-law in fire of love (Episode 53 on 28 October 2011)
Crime Patrol: Juvenile Crime in Mumbai: Teenagers Remanded in Custody for Grandmother's Murder (Episode 52 on 22nd October 2011)
Haryana Human Trafficking: 15 Year Old Girl Seema Gets Kidnapped (Episode 51 on 21st October 2011)
Engineering student Monica Murder Case, Nagpur (Episode 49 on 14th October 2011)
65 Year Old Chanda Narang Goes Missing (Episode 48 on 8th October 2011)
Triple Murder of Junaid, Nilofer and their daughter (Episode 47 on 7th October 2011)
Crime Patrol | Teen maid Gauri throws baby from fourth floor (Episode 46 on 1 October 2011)
 A Case of Dowry, Domestic violence and injustice
Missing engineering student Nusrat (Episode 45 on 30th September 2011)
Crime Patrol: A Guilty Conscience Unveils a Long-Kept Secret after 8 years (Episode 44 on 24th Sep 2011)
Crime Patrol: Juhu Double Murder Case Cracked: Two Nepalese Servants Arrested (Episode 43 on 23 September 2011)
Bikramjit Singh, mastermind behind a plan to kill his office colleague (Episode 42 on 17th September 2011)
Murder of pramila and her daughter priya (Episode 41 on 16th Sep 2011)
Crime Patrol: Naina Kills Her 10 Year Old Nephew Sunny (Episode 40 on 10th September 2011)
Harish kills Rajan's Son Mukesh (Episode 39 on 9th September 2011)
Crime Patrol: Sudha found murdered in gurgaon home (Episode 38 on 3rd September 2011)
Snakebite Murders of Jagdish Gokhle and Namita Gokhle (Episode 37 on 02 Dec 2013)
Rajesh's wife Sejal's miraculous return from death (Episode 33 on 29th Aug 2011)
Neha Verma, Mastermind of Indore triple murder case (Episode 36 on 27th August 2011)
Senior citizen Nasi bhai and his wife killed for property (Episode 35 on 26th August 2011)
Delhi's Triple Honour killing: Monica, her husband Kuldeep and sister shobha killed for honor (Episode 34 on 20th Aug 2011)
Crime Patrol | Farmer Jagdish's daughter Vidya abducted (Episode 32 on 13 Aug 2011)
Crime Patrol | Grade Three student Raju gets beaten by father regularly, Commits Suicide (Episode 31 on 12 August 2011)
Well Planned Murder Of Proprietor Jaideep Vilani (Episode 30 on 6th August 2011)
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